Figuring out my gifts

Last night I spent most of the night dreaming about helping and organizing a few of my favorite ministries. Mostly I was dreaming about helping one particular person who is starting up a ministry that I think is very important. Now I’ve been doing little bits and pieces to help but nothing I would consider big or difficult or out of the ordinary. Just a few dollars of giving and some conversation and encouragement. But I had dream after dream about this ministry since it began.

In one dream I was helping to give them a refrigerator for their industrial kitchen. In one I dreamed I was dragged off by a dolphin and placed in the top of a church operated by this group of people. I was placed as a prophet and then eventually moved into an apostolic role. A lot of people don’t like to hear about a dream like that. Many people respond the way Joseph’s brothers reacted to his dreams. Anger and jealousy and disbelief and basically because I have a call they think that diminishes them somehow.

Now me I don’t run around telling everyone these dreams. I’d rather let the Lord work it out naturally, His way. If I need angry brothers to throw me in the well in order to make it to my calling, then the Lord can place these blogs in the hands of the jealous. But I’m not likely to go bragging to those around me about what God is calling me to.

It’s like when I met my wife. An angel came in a dream and told me how to find the woman I was supposed to marry. When I found her, I knew we were going to get married but I didn’t tell her that. I just confidently asked her on a date and made the decision to treat her like the woman I would marry from that point. It didn’t matter to me if it took a decade for her see it too, that was in God’s hands. Well He gave her a dream within a few weeks that revealed it to her and we were married in less than a year. I didn’t have to try and force it to happen.

The truth is we can’t force our God given gifts and destiny to happen. We just have to sit back and trust His timing. If I need 30 years to get me ready, it doesn’t matter. There’s no need to rush. The amazing thing is when you are ready to sit back and wait on the Lord, sometimes He shoves you rapidly into action and changes things immediately. Not by my work but by His Spirit, that’s how to learn to walk in our gifts and callings. We get close to God and wait on His to make it happen.

May the Lord bring Joyful Judgement! May He judge the enemy, may He judge the giants in the land. May He judge on behalf of the saints, bringing His perfect plan to our lives while imprisoning all evil workers who oppose His will. May the Lord show you what to hope for and drive you forward in hope and patients! May He align your heart with His so that you walk in faith, peace, love and understanding and may God bless all y’all.

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