The life was the light of men

I wrote down several dreams from my Thanksgiving vacation in the mountains. It was very peaceful but I had some very serious dreams and I also wrote down one from this morning. I dreamed that I was born to pray on night. I dreamed that I got lost on the way to a contest one night. But I want to focus on two dreams today, one from last week and one from today.

A day or so before Thanksgiving Day I dreamed about George Soros. He was manipulating businesses and governments as the informed among us already understand. But there was another intention that was driving him, his true purpose was to manipulate and destroy the church. Most of us just think of Soros as a man who is after control, money and new world order. But truly the man is trying to destroy the church.

In the dream I had a safe in my house. Inside of the safe was a key and the key turned on a bomb the blew up the whole scheme! This safe and key is to pray. Pray that the plot against the church will fail! Pray that truth will be revealed! The plan is safe and secure, we only need to open the door and put the key in. The simple act of prayer for God to bring justice to His people, is going to blow the entire global scheme against the church wide open! The Lord is going to bring revival, justice and truth to His people and sweep many people into the Kingdom!

The enemy has moved the boundary stones and used false weights and measures. These are illegal in the spiritual world and God will uphold His laws! Jesus is the fulfillment of the law! So pray that the Lord look and see the false weights and measures, the moving of the boundary stones and the railing accusations against His church, His bride. He will reproduce His nature on the earth through His bride and fill His house! He will bring justice to His church!

Now this morning I spent some time in a dream with a man who was protecting me. Assassins were attacking in many different ways but the Lord had someone there to protect me. When the enemy can’t win by lying and stealing, he comes to destroy. We in a place where God has overthrown the enemy’s attempt to lie and steal but now is a time where the enemy is coming to destroy.

God has sent us protection in this time and the destruction will fall back onto the enemy kingdom. The more they try to destroy us, the greater the revival will be! Don’t fear this war! Walk through the warfare in faith because the church is reaping a great Harvest of honey, the favor of God is being poured out on the last revival. As the destroyer comes, God will send us protection and increase our favor! This attempt to destroy the church is going to create the exact spiritual atmosphere required for the great harvest!

Warning! We can not participate in the destruction! We must be innocent as doves but crafty as serpents! In the time of destruction, our faith to walk in love creates a vacuum to draw in God’s miraculous power to overcome evil on our behalf! This is why we must obey Jesus! We must turn the other cheek! We must walk in Love and pray for our enemies! We must pray for Soros! We must pray for those who are attacking the church and doing harm and bringing destruction! Lord save Soros from destruction, sweep Antifa into you Kingdom! Lord judge the gods of this world but have mercy on the foolish men and women who blindly follow them! Lord pour out your Spirit on ALL FLESH! Show us how you walked in the Flesh and showed us the keys! Lord allow us to conform to your image! As we become like you, we become the key to operate on both sides of the veil! May you be conformed to His image! May you walk in faith realms, living on both sides of the veil between natural and supernatural and may God bless all y’all.

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