Karen videos and the end of days

I had an end times dream last night. It’s not my first but it was the hardest to get through. When I dreamed of meeting Jesus in the air, all of us alive on the earth were baby eagles and we hatched as we flew up. When I dreamed of what the ‘chip’ would do, it was better than a smart phone, you could mind control remote start your car. If I set around and think about it, I’ve probably had several others and no two were alike.

In this dream I was outside near a group of restaurants listening to the news. The announcement came that people needed to be scanned to prove they were safe to enter certain places. The things I noticed in the dream that they named were government buildings and shopping malls. I was standing overlooking a large building that felt like it was both.

I watched a few trucks pull up in the parking lot to set up the scanning stations. Then I saw these little flat circles appear on some people’s hands. They were right around the base of the thumb, which is where the implantable RFID’s go. They had this single colored, visible, flat, round piece of plastic and I felt like the color might mean something relating to each person.

In order to get ‘marked safe’ with the ‘mark’, you had to go through a process with the government. It was like getting a passport, sort of. You had to prove your identity but you also had to prove your medical records and education and several things. This would monitor your health and legal status so that you could be proven a ‘safe’ person. Getting scanned would show if you were sick or a terrorist or whatever.

Suddenly I was near the mall/government building and a woman with a mark and a scanner was following me. She was yelling at me that I had to get scanned. I didn’t have one of those things because that’s evil and I’m not doing that. So I tried to just get away from the building and there were a bunch of teenagers around me who also didn’t approve of the mark. It was the new mask/ anti mask public argument.

This woman wouldn’t leave me alone and these kids were videoing on their phones for Karen videos. They were making commentary to their followers like, ‘look at this insane Karen at the mall’. The woman starts yelling at me and running after me. She is saying, ‘if you don’t get scanned you’ll be hanging from a noose by tonight’. She said this several times and the teenagers attempted to Karen shame her as she attempted to mark of the beast shame me. I felt pretty scared and kept shoving her and running off. I felt like the kids didn’t think of this as the mark of the beast, they thought it as annoying and intrusive.

I think we all see the direction that things are moving and they are getting there fast. I’m praying for my life that we get out of this for just a few more years but the truth is, the end is coming. It’ll be here before we want it to be here. But I’ve noticed a special grace for us right now. I don’t know if you’ve been experiencing this but as the stores run out of things, people are giving them to us. We received free toilet paper in the mail from Walmart. They couldn’t get us the socks we ordered so they refunded our money and loaded our closet with toilet paper just before shelves started emptying again. As the stores ran out of thanksgiving turkey’s locally, someone walked up to our car and handed us a huge turkey from a turkey drive. We were just in the car and the turkey arrived.

There has also been a special grace for our safety. I was in the drive through the other day and the man in front of me had his vehicle break down. I helped him move it and he was just out of gas so I took him to get gas. When I got back to drop him off, he had been such a blessing just to meet. He was living in that vehicle and we talked about some ways to get back on his feet and it was good. But I looked up the road where I was supposed to be going and there were emergency vehicles everywhere. The timing seemed impossible, so I thanked God for keeping me out of that and allowing me to help this man.

There are a lot of reasons why God might be dropping things in our laps right now. It’s special, and right now is a special time to be walking in faith. Faith that God is doing something good even though things look terrible. Faith to follow in strange directions. To those being saved the gospel is the power of God but it is foolishness to those who are lost and even to our natural minds. To walk in the power of God we have to be walk in and living the gospel. Jesus said the meek will inherit the earth. We have to walk meekly in response to Jesus if we are going to be blessed in that way. Jesus said the pure in heart will see God. If we steward our hearts towards pure, Godly intentions, we will be blessed in our ability to see God. These are the powers of the age to come, the power of the gospel is in our lives is the power to change everything. We can be transformed from troublemakers to those who help young troublemakers find the way God laid out for them. May you know the truth and the truth set you free! May the gospel transform your life by walking in the power of God! May He make a way for you, no matter how impossible or even backwards the way looks. And may God bless all y’all.

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