Possessed bank teller

This was a really interesting dream because it was inside of another dream. I was dreaming about sleeping and telling the kids to get back in bed. That was also basically our actual night, kids getting up and us sending them back to bed. In the dream version I went to bed and I dreamed this dream.

I was going through the drive through at the bank. When I got there I was right next to the window and sitting up high. The window was open and the teller was a woman. She was very uncomfortable being so close to me and my family. She was squirming around a little. It was like she wanted to attack us but she kept looking back at the manager as if she were afraid of losing her job.

When the manager walked away I leaned over and say ‘come out’! to the demon in her. But she had closed the window. Behind the protection of the closed window she screamed no you come out! My paperwork was laying on the outside of the window somehow, so I grabbed it and left.

We need to get to work church, our window for saving souls may be closing. The Lord Jesus is the door and when He returns the door will be slammed shut. But for who is the door already slammed shut? To those who have met the Lord and decided He is the evil one, the devil. This is happening in America right in front of our faces. The American religion has formed a mindset that rejects righteousness as evil. Many will have their conscience seared by this religion. The spiritual goal of this religion is to produce hearts in people that cannot accept God. The prophets of this religion are the false prophets of the Bible. The same is true of the apostles, teachers, workers and brethren, and all that we are warned will be false.

The rejection of the Holy Spirit is the rejection of all that is God and all that is righteous. If we are to reach these people, we will need God to soften the hearts of those who have already accepted this wrong belief system. This is the system that will create the great apostasy and has already started. We have to pray for these people and reach out to them however we can. They will end up killing us one day and believing it is service to God. Get to know the belief system that I’m talking about. We need to love and pray for these people!

When Paul was still Saul and he killed Christians thinking it helped God, he was walking in this antichrist spirit. Just because people are lost now, doesn’t mean they are lost forever! There is still hope, but once the window closes, our business here is finished. Lord may we reach out into the mess of this world and bring those who trust wickedness into the truth or righteousness! Lord allow your church, to rise up one more time like Samson! Not to kill the Philistines but to drive death from them and bring them into life! Lord may you collapse the towers and strongholds of the enemy over the minds of people one more time! And may God bless all y’all.

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