Sea plane dock

When I went to bed last night I went straight into a dream, I was back awake writing it down before midnight. It started out with a great storm! Me and my father and another man were all at a dock on a large body of water. The storm was moving in fast and Father wanted me to go inside the mansion. There was an entrance to a mansion at the other end of the dock and the mansion belonged to Father. I helped Him and the other man get ready for the storm. They weren’t coming into the mansion, they were taking the yacht out fishing! I gave them my fishing pole and loaded theirs. Then I headed into the mansion while they headed out to sea to catch the fish out of the storm.

During the storm thieves, and hackers and all sorts of people came and attacked the mansion. They also attacked Father’s company and tried to destroy everything He was building. After the storm I came driving up to the mansion, I don’t know where I was coming from. I parked at one end of the long dock and it had nothing but sea planes. I walked past many of them and then several empty spaces when finally I got to Father and the young man helping Him.

They were working in their own two company sea planes. Each one had lost a wing during the storm and each one had been hacked. The entire company had been hacked! Nothing even belonged to Father anymore, everything had been stolen and destroyed! Spiders of various sizes and bats and scorpions covered the entrance from the dock to the mansion. But Father was working with the young man. They took the two sea planes with one wing and connected them together. The young man started working on the tech to reverse the effects of the hacking and regain the lost assets and the loss of control over the planes.

Then Father said He would reincorporate the company under a new name. This new company would assume all the assets of the destroyed company and all would be restored. I looked over at the door and started kicking these two huge spiders to the ground and trying to prepare the door for Father to enter. Then He looked at me and smiled and stepped on the huge spiders on the ground and laughed. He said look at all these vermin on the door and they all started to scatter as He took out His key to the mansion! He put the key in the lock and put His shoulder into the door and the spiders started running away faster. He was unfazed by all the nasty critters trying to keep us out of the mansion. He was just smiling and laughing, fixing the problems and we were about to walk right back in the door!

Let me tell you that dream is about our nation and our entire world! This storm has tried to keep us out of the church! The entire government was stolen! Whatever could be shaken was shaken. But now the storm is over. Let me tell you again, THE STORM IS OVER! Now God is restoring ALL! He is happy, smiling and laughing at the enemy! He is looking down and laughing! He went out into this storm and caught the souls of many men! He prepared such a harvest for the Kingdom that the enemy is going to flee in terror when they see how He flings the doors back open! He holds the KEY! He is turning this entire thing around right now and WE are at the door! The Father is almost finished fixing everything. May you walk in the DOOR! May you help carry in the fish that He just went and caught in the storm! May you shout for Thanksgiving and yell praises of JOY! Grace to it! Grace to it! May you stand in the presence of the Father of Lights as He shines His glory on the nations and restores the inheritance of His people in the earth! And may God bless all y’all. 

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