Making Waves

I’ve been all over the place all at the same time lately. But the truth is there are always multiple things happening in the spiritual world and those things are all connecting into the natural in a variety of ways. So to be all over the place doesn’t make any of it wrong. But to understand it you have to fit it into a larger framework. Last night I dreamed about liberty from over eating. I dreamed that Ron Swanson, a TV show libertarian, walked away from the table with a man who was over eating. The man wasn’t fat, he was simply a glutton. He wanted to try everything and consume it all, which is how I feel when I eat. I could see how disturbing it is to watch someone overindulge in food. The man was a caricature, I could never eat that much but the heart of it was the same. But as I saw the most respectable man on television step away in disgust I realized that my relationship with food is about to change. My prayers are answered.

In the same night, last night I also dreamed of going fishing. My friend and I went to a pond. There was a dock in the center of the pond and my friend got out of the boat and walked around in the water. He asked me for his pole and I ran the boat through a spider web, so I used my pole to knock it down. Then I gave him his pole and we each started fishing. My first cast I got a bite! It was a huge red fish and it took a long time to real in. The fish was full of water like a balloon and it made the fish appear unnaturally large. But when the water all drained out it was a large red snapper. More of an ocean fish than a pond fish but that’s what I caught.

In this same night, last night I dreamed that I was with my brother. There was an annual attack on our home and he liked to be the one to defend us. He was a military guy (in the natural I don’t have a brother). We both got guns out but he was watching by the window. When the attack came he fired a shot and yelled out that he missed. Then he was shot in the head and he yelled out ‘I guess I’ll die now’. I ran to him in terror, this was a very realistic vision and it felt very real. On the way to get him I started trying to call 911 but received an unwanted text.

So all in one night I dreamed of something that possibly has to do with Veterans Day and the state of our nation or perhaps could be predicting the loss of someone, I dreamed of a wonderful person coming into my life slowly and helping me with my God given purpose and I dreamed of answered prayer in my desire to be more healthy. All of these things are happening at once. Even though I was all over the place last night, each thing is important.

The waves are bobbing everything up and down right now. Many things are being shaken loose, many prayers are being answered, many troubles are happening and many new Kingdom connections are being made. Yesterday I felt like we were beginning our advance. It was like King David at the lowest point in his life seeking God and beginning his rise to King, to receive the promise that he had waited for. Today, I found out that yesterday was the 400 year anniversary of the Mayflower Compact! None of this is coincidence, God is moving things around for His people. The incense bowls are full!

When God moves the enemy countermoves. When He came as a man, the enemy killed Him. This played exactly into the plan because the devil has no understanding of the ways of God. The natural mind, will and emotions likewise, are born in sin and has no understanding of the ways of God. As God moves many will recognize something good in that natural mind, will and emotions but as the enemy counters many will be tossed around by that same mind, will and emotions. As the waves crash and the Kingdoms clash we would be tossed in every direction but for one thing. If we found our life on Jesus, on knowing Him and following Him, then we can walk on the waves with Him. But if we doubt Him and look at the waves we will stumble. May we keep our eyes fixed on Him, may He lift us from our stumbling, may the Lord of glory show us His glory and may God bless all y’all.

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