The ambush

I heard Paul Kieth Davis talking about a dream in which Jesus was going to ambush the ambush. It was a wonder full message of hope. My daughter had a dream, leading up to the election, in which the president was removed from office but later was put back in. I had a dream, leading up to the election, in which Biden and Harris were taking military action. They got rid of police and basically created a federal police force and were chasing me. All of this seems to indicate a real ambush on American Christians.

I think now we see what kind of ambush is developing. A woman at the WaPo tweeted out today that people who believe there is fraud in this election are on a list. Those people ‘should be’ removed from office. Effectively she has telegraphed the plan that was in place at the beginning of this entire process. The election fraud isn’t just to remove President Trump from office, but to remove every politician who isn’t on board with the globalist plan.

America was making inroads into an occult plan that has been taking over the country. This Octopus was coordinating between world leaders and the underground of society. Politicians and drug lords, generals and mafias, intelligence and cartels, bankers and launderers and the full spectrum of society all across the globe share a common plan. Not every one of them of course, and not all with their knowledge. But there is a massive and ancient cult and the coordination of various cults in the middle of the process.

The U.S. elections since 2010 have been cracking away at the power structure of this group which operates in both parties in American politics. The power structure of this country has been changing rapidly and the people who were in control have lost it. This election is an effort to take all of that power back at one time. The plan as they are telling us, goes like this. First you actively steal the elections. The people who speak out against it, are obviously not on your side and so they reveal themselves.

This is the ambush. Once those not on the side of the one world occult will then be removed from any key position of authority. Not just in politics but corporate life, NGOs and heck I bet even the gangs and mafia end up purging their roles in this process. It is a great persecution that gives all earthly authority over to one spirit, one group, one world religion and government. This would bring in the end times. Hitler called it the thousand year Reich. It’s an ancient goal and an ancient prophecy not to be fulfilled on this earth but in it.

The ambush is the literal bringing in of the end of the world. But there’s a flaw with this ambush, it also reveals who’s in the cult. It’s the separation that we’ve been seeing, the polarization of society. This won’t create a war between good and evil, but it may attempt to present itself that way. The ‘good’ will be led by the same cult as the ‘bad’ and everyone in that fight of good and evil will help to maximize the killing. But there is a completely separate fight. The fight to remain righteousness in the middle of the battle over the heart of the world.

When Jesus ambush’s the ambush, He won’t change who He is. He still wants us to turn the other cheek. He never wants us to let sin against us produce sin in us. We are called to shine in righteousness. Now if He decides to take His hand of protection or breath of life out of the lungs of the most evil among men, He can do that at any point. Our job is to produce fruit in the middle of the sinful earth, not to take control physical possession of it, not until He comes. So use this great opportunity to store up treasures in Heaven, to produce fruit for His Kingdom and to walk by faith. May you shine in darkness, may your light grow brighter as the world darkens and may God bless all y’all.

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