Landslide victory

I stayed up a little later than usual last night to watch election coverage so by the time I made it to bed I was out cold. For the first few hours of my night I woke from dream after dream, 5 maybe 6 of them, where I saw powerful visions of states. The states were states that Trump had won but were not counted for him. One of those states was California. I think that what happened yesterday was a true landslide victory. The problem that we are having is organized election cheating by an occult system.

The next little while will be very difficult for the U.S. We are going to have to pray through and break through to get to revival. This will not be easy. It brings up an idea that I learned when I first began to study the prophetic and hearing from God. When God gives us a dream, often it is unclear, encoded language. To understand a dream like this takes some closeness and discernment of the Holy Spirit. But some dreams or visions are clear and exact, often a clear dream is terrifying. It’s scary because of the closeness with the supernatural, seeing an angel or hearing the word of God from behind the vale is frightening. It creates an clear understanding of God’s plan but it also creates the fear of the Lord.

That is what’s happening now. The church is being given the fear of the Lord. Every prophetic person, every one in the entire church heard God clear as day about this election. Why? Why would God be so incredibly clear with a nation? Because we are truly going to have to exercise faith during this process. We will have to fear God more than what we are seeing to believe His word to His people. When you see things clearly, it is because they will be hard! Seeing Trump win this election is going to be hard.

Now when I say it will be hard, I don’t mean Florida, 2000, dimpled chad hard. I mean the man could be removed from office before it comes to light that he actually won hard. I mean martial law, coup, earthquakes and massive destruction hard. We need to settle in for a long winter. Maybe it doesn’t come to that. Maybe in 3 days it’s all over and the revival can begin. But that’s not likely based on the ways of God.

If we all end up in reeducation camps, have faith. God showed me that I was supposed to support Trump in this. It may look like we have lost at some point, but it isn’t true. Did God tell you who to support Trump? God showed me a revival, did He show you a revival? Have faith during all of this. Learn to fear the words of God more than what you see around you. 2020 is bringing peace and revival but not by way of ease. God doesn’t do things our way. His way works much better because we truly learn in the process He takes us through. He isn’t doing this to make us comfortable, He’s doing it to make draw us close to Him. May you all grow in the fear of God and may God bless all y’all.

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