A story to tell

I have a story that God has been teaching me. It’s the story of everything, going back to the beginning. I’m not sure how long it will take to tell this story, I may just be telling it forever. The Lord has slowly walked me towards this understanding of things for a long time and it is finally the right time. I have a vague idea of how to go about this life change and beginning telling everything but it’s going to come with opposition for sure. Keep me in your prayers that God can use me for what He made me for.

Last night I had a dream that I was living in a dirty garage with my family. We were playing music but it wasn’t loud enough. We were trying to get it cleaned up but the mess was big. We were trying to spray for bugs but there just kept being bugs. Eventually, chickens started to hatch on one side of the room. These chickens were going to be laying hens. Then on the other side of the room some unusual chickens started to hatch. They were going to be roosters, meat birds. But they had strange eyes and heads. We got out some leftovers and started mixing them in with their feed bowls.

I know there’s some symbolism in this but I don’t get all of it. I do see my current situation in there. We have all of these things going on and we never can catch up on things. Nothing ever seems to be enough to move us forward. But soon we will have 2 different kinds of blessings in our house. They will seem to come out of nowhere, hatching where there were no eggs. They will produce different things and they will consume and live off of what we didn’t need. They will bring abundance when they grow up. At first they will take some effort to raise and some of it is going to be weird.

I love having those kinds of little promises worked into an unusual dream like this. Stress and struggle and work but it will all lead to something good. The Lord has plans for us and He has plans for you too. Pray and pay attention, keep reaching for Him and never settle for less than His perfect plan for your life. Ask and keep asking, seek and keep seeking, pursue God and He open up perfection to you. May the Lord’s plan for your life surpass all that you imagined. May the Lord lift up the your weaknesses and use you in the areas where you’ve failed the most in life and may God bless all y’all.

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