Drive thru charity

Last night I had a dream where I went to Chic Fil A. I had a bunch of clothes to donate and I needed some free food. When I got there I noticed that the food line and the clothing lines were separate. The clothing lines looked like two drive thru car washes converted into a salvage clothing area. I pulled up to them and accidentally went down the middle in between the buildings instead of going in one line or the other. When I got to the other end a woman came out to show me how things worked. She told me which line to go in, to give the man at the front my donations and to drive on thru. Once I finished my donation I could go back around the building and get into the food line.

I’m not sure what exactly this is about but it does make a little sense that if we see a major financial crisis there could be contactless charity. We are doing contactless everything now days because of the Rona. Why wouldn’t things like car washes be converted into the Goodwill clothing section or a Chic Fil A drive thru be used for food distribution?

This virus is being used to divide us so that a great revival doesn’t break out. But as we are being divided the pressure is building. By the time we feel completely isolated and by the time we see what the world has to offer us people will be begging for revival! If we live in fear, sickness and isolation the world can’t help but be a miserable place. None of this is advancing God’s purposes and yet it is molding the hearts of people to reject this situation and turn to God.

All things work together for good for those who love the Lord. That’s a promise to stand on when times just keep getting worse. Living out from under God’s blessing is a terrible life but God isn’t defeated. He’s just waiting on us to miss Him and turn back to His ways and purposes and to Him personally. When we draw near to Him He draws near to us and what better way to desire nearness to God than to live in a world that has pushed Him away? Times like these are their own call to repentance. Draw near to God. He is waiting for you to come back to Him and He would love to get you through all of this. May you recognize His ways, His plans and His purposes and may God bless all y’all.

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