Crypto Dollar

So I got up this morning and turned on the news to see Jerome Powell speaking to the IMF. He said something that everyone should pay attention to. The Boston Federal Reserve is working with MIT on a research project. They are researching the switch over from the dollar to a crypto currency. Now those of us who read our Bible’s know that digital currency is coming. Those of us who watch the Fed know that the dollar is going away soon.

The fact that they are willing to announce this research project and tell the IMF about it means that this is a done deal. All that remains is the actual switch over to the new system. This kind of maneuver could shake the world up in the SWIFT verses BRICS war that has been raging across the planet because this could take the financial advantage back for the SWIFT countries for a little while. The turmoil attached to a change over and revaluation like this would be massive.

We are living in the last days and banking is in the Bible as part of the beast’s system that will be used to control the world. That tentacle of the octopus is almost completely in position across the world and we are waiting on the last few shoes to drop now. The Fed going to a crypto system or potentially the IMF going to crypto system would be a huge step in the direction of fulfilling Bible prophecy and creating a mark of the beast capable of locking the noncompliant out of the financial system. We believers will all be outlaws once these systems are fully in place.

As future outlaws, we must figure out how to be outlaws. We are a truly unprepared group of people for life on the run but it’s coming and we need to be ready. The Lord is building a system for us to plug into so that we can go through all of this trouble but we in America are going to be very uncomfortable with the process of laying down all of our worldly possessions. We can’t be too attached to this stuff, we will need to be willing to lay it all down what we have at the feet of apostles to share with each other if we are going to make it. Creating, growing and giving it all away for the good of God’s people is how the system is going to have to work. Time to back away from our attachments to what we own and grow more attached to who we can help. Love conquers all, perfect love casts out fear and fear is a liar. God bless all y’all.

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