Is your family New Age?

I had a dream this morning about a serious concern for all of us as Christians. I dreamed that I walked up to my wife concerned about someone’s soul. She responded by saying that it was ok because that person believed in their own faith and had their own path. I was frightened that my own wife could believe something like this and in real life she doesn’t. So I asked her to come pray with me. After I woke up I went back to sleep and dreamed one of my children regurgitated some other new age stance. I kept having this dream with different family members for a couple of hours. Waking up and then falling asleep into that same basic concept of my own family having been brainwashed into new age doctrine.

Inside of my own family this is something that I’m always fighting. Every show or movie on our TV teaches some version of occult doctrine. In some it’s the allegory, like Marvel teaches a complete occult mythology or in music Insane Clown Posse does the same. Others teach the gateways like seances to talk to a dead relative or Ouija boards as good clean fun at a party. Some shows teach it as the framework for life by just dropping unnecessary mentions of reincarnation or shared consciousness. You can’t escape it if you consume any form of art or entertainment it’s there. The only variation is the level of overtness.

Meanwhile when you try to teach the family truth, it’s often boring and lacks real understanding. The world desperately wants to understand the spiritual realities but the only people teaching them got their information from the fallen angels. Unless you dig you don’t even know who they are because the church stopped teaching about it just like Blavatsky said we should. She also served Lucifer, said God was really the enemy and Jesus was a worm so maybe the church shouldn’t be taking that advice to heart. But it is, generations of brainwashing by big money occultists have taken the edges and boundaries off of what the ancients taught.

The good news is that we still have the information. We can download a free Ethiopian Bible that still has the expanded Apocrypha in it. We can reach over and download a copy of the Mahabharata and learn about the preflood wars when the gods elected the serpent to be their leader. We can easily download the Zohar and read how that all stemmed from a darkness masquerading as light when they say the true light is a black light. There are so many ancient texts easily accessible for zero dollars today that break down the entire system of what the world is teaching us. But not many people are out there reading that stuff. No one is encouraging it either. But I encourage it. Put it all together, understand the two Kingdoms and the war they have always been having. We have to understand the gospel of the Kingdom in these last days! May you find Godly understanding and receive the Spirit of God so that you can be reborn in this life! Pray for your family to see through the haze, help them see and may God bless all y’all.

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