Finding my porpoise

I had a couple of amazing water dreams last night and after that I wanna brag on my kid for a minute. First I dreamed I was in a big empty boat that I had just gotten. I was inside the house section of the boat and I looked out the window. I was anchored in a lagoon or a bay or something and there were a bunch of other boats anchored out around me. I didn’t know how to drive the boat so I was a little nervous. So instead of trying to drive I just jumped in the water. I swam all around under water and saw underneath all the other boats. Another guy came along and I watch him do the most amazing things in the water. Then a dolphin or porpoise came by and I grabbed it. We shot across the water lightning fast and then launched out of the water high into the air. We landed in a large church. There were a few other people in the church and they were all standing in different places. I saw a couple of ministers I would recognize like Todd White. He was standing out among the chairs talking about the amazing things the other guys and one girl had done. One was standing at the pulpit, one was up in the air behind the pulpit where the baptismal might go, one was in the office at a desk, and the woman was out with the people. Each of them was talking about the amazing things others had done even though they too had done amazing things. It was a picture of the 5 fold ministry. I started up in the air by the baptismal behind the pulpit looking out over everything and then I moved into the office by the desk.

If you didn’t follow all of that, it was about my own purpose. I’m sort of out on an island right now but as I get deeper in God, I will quickly be swept away by my purpose. This will lead me to minister in one way and then another after that. To get launched I just have to keep swimming around in the Holy Spirit and I will see someone who will show me what to do. When that happens it will all take off faster than I was ready for.

A little later I had another dream. I was sitting on a boat with my wife. We were sitting on the edge with our feet in the water kicking. We didn’t know how to drive it so we were just sitting there when the wind blew us into an obstacle. We were on a stump or something and we just rocked the boat and swam it off of there. Then suddenly we were doing the same thing but on a much bigger boat. We didn’t know how to drive this one either but it had a sail. The sail was ripped a little but it still worked so I put the sail up and let the wind drive us through the water as we kicked our feet off the side. But then people started getting really close swimming in the water. We started working to slow down so we didn’t accidentally run over anyone in the water. Soon hundreds and who knows how many swimmers were swimming right in front of us. The water was full of them and we were just trying not to hurt anyone on accident as the boat went on its own.

Again this is about our purpose. We are doing something small right now but God is going to give us an increase or a promotion of some kind. We won’t be able to control it and many many people will come to be a part of it. That is going to frighten us a little and we are going to try to slow down but instead the wind of the Spirit will drive us on and people will come in greater numbers. Our heart will be for their safety not for driving the boat forward and because that is our heart, to protect the people, God will keep driving us forward and bringing more people.

Now let me tell you what my daughter did. She told me about a dream she had where Trump was pushed out of office but no one could replace him and so he was put back in office. This dream of hers is so prophetic! She doesn’t know what Dana Coverstone dreamed about the White House being empty for a time of turmoil, because she’s ten! But still God is speaking to His people all the time! I’m so glad that she is one of His!

Just so you know on the same day she told me about this dream she also made a tictok with this amazing daddy daughter song. She put a collage of family pictures on there and it was so special that it literally made me cry. I’m so blown away, so amazed with this kid! May the Lord look at what you do today as a father proud of His child! It may seem small to you but it’s amazing in your Father’s eyes! May you know His will and porpoise for your life, may you be swept away in His plans for you and put into the perfect position in your life and may God bless all y’all.

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