Ancient history

When I went down the road of finding out what God wanted me to know about the world my entire understanding of things changed. I had a pretty basic mixture of understandings of the world. I learned some at school and some at church but I really didn’t have a coherent world view. I didn’t really understand the events of the world, past or present. But God took me through a process that filled in a lot of gaps so here are some highlights.

The first thing in world history is the origins of the world. I haven’t changed my opinion on this through research but I did get to pin down the two basic views and where they come from. So on my end God created the world. God is Light, Spirit and Word and by the authority of the Word, the power of the Spirit and the substance of Light from within Himself, He created matter. Modern science has proven that, at the subatomic level matter is made of light or quarks or God particles. Jesus, the Word, created the boundaries by authority. All authority belongs to Him, the Word who became flesh. He still gives boundaries to the world by word. When Jesus is spoken by His prophets, the boundaries of reality are formed. The Father provided the substance by the Light from within Himself. And the Holy Spirit gives power to the Word and gives the power of the Word and the Light to those who believe, the children of God.

Later on after the world was formed and the dark light entered the world, a group of off world beings visited the planet earth. They ruled the earth for a time. They had children of their own, giants, animals, hybrids and all sort of beings mixed between flesh and spirit. These being have both the curse of death and the eternal life of spirit. When they died they had nowhere to go and wander the earth still today as demons or ghosts or whatever people may call them. The off world beings taught all the sciences, religions, witchcrafts and ancient knowledge to humans. They taught that they were the creators of the world, that the world was much older than people thought and a whole new history of how it was created. They were powerful and people who had forgotten God believed them. Their children became the leaders of the world, they became the gods and the world fell into complete darkness. That darkness was the rulership of the dark light.

These events brought on the curse of the world. The children of the gods were cursed to kill each other in great wars and once disembodied they could not leave the earth. They search until the end for bodies to inhabit but they are evil and destroy every body that allows them to inhabit it, human or animal, eventually. Once their flesh was all destroyed, it became time to deal with the corrupted flesh of mankind that had followed entirely after the dark light and had believed in the lie. It was at this time that the great deluge came upon the earth. God protected the uncorrupted and destroyed the corrupted flesh. The earth was baptized in water to wash away the sins and the entire act spoke of the Word that would one day become flesh.

Sin, corruption and the curse followed through to the other side of the flood. The evil spirits that now wandered the earth brought the curse onto one of the sons of the boatman. At that moment, just when the world began again, sin came again and created the need for a baptism of fire. This was promised by the Word for a Great Day of final judgement. But many things had to take place first and the Word spoke of itself and set the boundaries that would become world history starting right there. Maybe another day I’ll talk about how the coming of Jesus would develop but for now I pray that you would have understanding and be blessed by what little you’ve just read. May God bless all y’all.

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