Spiritual experience stories

I was chatting yesterday about some of the stranger things and remembering how I got here. I wasn’t raised to believe what I believe, at least not all of it, and I didn’t learn it in school or church. I’ve had to cobble together an understanding of the world that fits what I’m really seeing. So naturally when I talk about what I believe everyone disagrees with some aspect of it. But I find more opposition coming from what calls itself the church and an interesting degree of support from occultist truth seekers. Honestly, I think the Lord has prepared for an invasion of the occult with His Holy Spirit and a massive revival will sweep through people that the church doesn’t too much reach out to.

The first time I met Jesus face to face I was having a vision about a battle being planned. I was sitting out in the seats with thousands upon thousands of people. It looked like the planning of the D day invasion as you see it in movies or a lot like the Band of Brothers series. Jesus was standing on the stage teaching us the battle plan. He has a day and hour in mind, once we are prepared, the invasion begins. He looked at me from the stage with those soft eyes and walked down my isle. He walked up to me with a bucket of water and handed it to me. The bucket contained the most perfect water that ever existed but it also had gunk floating in it. I ignored the gunk and unhinged my jaw like a cartoon character and drank the entire bucket of water all at once. I spilled it all over me and drank more than my body could hold. At the end I looked back up at Jesus and smiled. The gunk was all stuck in my teeth but He didn’t care. He smiled at me with the most perfect approving smile. He was truly pleased with me.

That water was His perfect Holy Spirit and that gunk was misunderstandings and wrong teachings that would going to come in the process of me chasing after Him. He is preparing a large group of people for a specific time, the end, the last revival. The great commission will be fulfilled paving the way for His return. Through a series of dreams He still shows me where I am in this process and right now I’m on the verge of a time when I clear the gunk off and go build with heavy equipment. We will see what it all looks like when I get there.

He leads us all and speaks to us all in different ways and I’ve had a lot of strange sign posts along the way. Here are a few examples of sign posts in my life that have kept me moving even when I wasn’t on track. My first year of college I decided that I wanted to give up on God. I wasn’t walking close with him, my church was falling apart and I wasn’t experiencing God in my life. I was getting high and look at the ICP poster and playing video games and pretty much anything else but God. But I remembered experiencing Him in the past so I reached out. I said that I was going to quit and become an atheist if He didn’t prove that He was real. Soon I had a dream, I was always a dreamer but the science was in, dreams come from within and have nothing to do with God. So I didn’t know what was happening all my life as a dreamer. But in about 5 or 6 weeks this dream would come true. I lived several hours of my life remembering every detail of what was happening and about to happen. It was terrifying, it broke all the rules of what people knew about dreams, it broke all the rules of everything. Just to nudge me along I began having multiple shorter experiences. I would look up every few weeks for the rest of my life and see something that I had already dreamed. Usually it’s short, a few seconds, but that night it was hours and it felt like it would never end.

A few years later I found myself playing low stakes online poker for a living. With multiple tables open at a time I was about to make more money playing cards at home than I made at work. So I quit working and figured I’d do that for the rest of my life. I started making my plans. I had several thousand bucks saved up and I just needed to get to a certain level. I would buy a house boat and move to Lake Mead outside Las Vegas and feed off of the tourists. I would cover my base expenses playing online and low stakes and learn the higher stakes casino game. Wealth, fun, easy living and a lot of fishing were the path I was choosing in life and I had the skill I needed. But one day the website I used changed. People began to have mathematically impossible experiences. They were cheating to increase the rake. Multiple times a day a straight flush would lose to a higher straight flush. My system of play broke down and I started to lose money. But I was figuring out the algorithms and it wouldn’t be long before I had a lock on what the computers were doing. I may have lost my bank roll but I was still moving towards what I wanted. Then came the shot heard round the world. The Bush administration decided to shut down online poker. Not only that but they decided to send FBI agents into local poker games and bust people in home games. Everything dried up and my direction in life was forced to change. I wasn’t supposed to be a poker player, God had something bigger for me and He would move the entire earth to get me there.

Years later, after my divorce and the massive problems I had that followed it, I found myself reading my Bible and sharing what I was reading on YouTube. I had finally turned my heart towards God. At this time He sent me a few helpers online and I learned about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I spent a weekend repenting and praying and asking for this gift. If it was a real I wanted it! I was exhausted, it was late and I’d been praying for hours. I went to my shower and cried. What’s wrong with me? I just cried and asked God what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I have this? Right then the Spirit poured through my sealing and came down onto me, I looked up and felt the heat enter my mouth and go into my chest and stomach. I began hearing tongues in my stomach and I tried to say what I was hearing. There was a learning curve, I hadn’t been around people who spoke in tongues much, it was all very new to me. I said what I heard one syllable at a time like a child. As I was trying out this new thing, another thing happened. I left my body. I could see what was happening out of my body and I was still trying to learn these tongues but my spirit flew out of my eyes and through the sealing. I kept going, focused on a certain star in the sky. I flew out of the world, through space, passing planets and comets and stars. I flew right up to this one star I had focussed on and when I got close I could see something more than a ball of light. I saw a city, a perfect, heavenly city. I loved this city and I decided it must be heaven and Jesus must be in there. So I tried to fly myself to the thrown room and bow before my King and pray at His feet in front of the thrown. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to do that because as soon as I tried to take control I started going back. I went back through space, past the stars and comets and planets, back into the earth, back through my sealing and back into my body, where I was still trying to learn these tongues.

A few weeks later my whole life was different. I had quit smoking on accident. I had apologized to people I had wronged. I was having visions all the time and weird experiences. I had stopped a rain storm because I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit tell me to. When I spoke His words out of my mouth, I flew out of my body to the base of the clouds. I watched the cloud stop raining and fell back into my body with the last drops of rain. I was a deliver guy and this happened outside of a gas station while I was loading up a dolly of frozen foods, so I just walked in and made my delivery. But God was clearly doing something amazing with me. Another day I was walking in with a load and I flew out of my eyes, across the parking lot and looked back at myself to see a lion roaring out of me.

A few weeks later I had stopped turning on lights at night because light came from inside of me and I had no fear and no trouble seeing. I was walking through my house after coming home late and a spirit met me in the hallway. It came running out of my kitchen to attack me. It was about 7 feet tall and very broad, dressed as a warrior in battle armor. It looked like something out of the Lord of the Rings movies. I could see it but it looked like a ghost, I could see through it. It ran up to me through my hallways and when it got about an inch from my face it roared in my face. I could feel the wind out of this thing’s mouth on my face as it screamed at me and I smiled. I started to laugh at this manifestation so obviously meant to frighten me. This monster got its feelings hurt and began to stomp around in anger like a small child. It stomped back off down the hallway pouting and vanished as it entered the kitchen.

A few years later I was heading to a Power and Love conference. I was talking to the woman who the angel had told me would be my wife. I didn’t know it yet, but she would be my wife within 6 months and we hadn’t been on our first date yet. As I drove off to meet with some of the people who God was training up for the same battle plan, the world went crazy. I was the only person there coming from Arkansas. The weather attacked me. Every road that could have gotten me to Saint Louis was shut down by an unusual sleet storm. The government managed to really mess up the response but I had left a day early as I was supposed to. My 6 hour drive became 23. The governor threatened to fire the head of the state police if he couldn’t get the roads clear. The national guard came out to make sure we who slept on the freeway had enough supplies. A truck tried to run me off of the road when we finally go moving. I got so frustrated I kicked my door and messed up the hinge, it never closed right again. But I made it there just in time. I walked in to that first night with very little sleep and that in the drivers seat waiting on traffic.

These are some of the more memorable moments in my spiritual life but there are a lot more. God first pointed me towards the Bible, telling me to read it seven times before I was able to begin to understand. He also told me not to read other books during this time, only read the Bible itself. I did that and I also took some courses in understanding prophetic dreams and healing. He sent me through a period later of reading the Apocrypha and everything that happened in 1947. This was a very important study in understanding the spiritual atmosphere of today’s world and the origins of so many things that are happening now. It also helped me understand the true history of the world that is hidden from the majority of us and how the spiritual world works. After that He told me to learn the stories and histories. Here I began to study with some freedom on the mythologies of the world, the religious books of the world and much of history. God has built me an understanding that is unique and has me on a course to grow in that unique understanding. I’m living such a blessed life because of Jesus and He is reaching out into the world with a group trained for a purpose. I’m so close to walking into my own purpose and I believe the time is here for you as well. Whatever He has done to prepare you, is specifically targeted to your purpose, your function in His Kingdom. When the time of the great invasion of earth comes, you will be ready and you succeed in your mission!

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