What time is it?

The flow of the Holy Spirit and God’s timing for events run counter to what people usually perceive. It takes a closeness with God to have any idea what’s happening in the world and the closer you get the more information He trusts you with. One of my favorite things the Bible says about Moses is that God trusted Moses. I pray to be a friend of God who He trusts with His plans. The Bible says He does nothing without first revealing it to His servants the prophets. Yet people still perish for lack of knowledge today just as they did thousands of years ago.

In order to get the benefits of wisdom, we have to take action and tell others. God doesn’t tell you there’s an earthquake coming or an army invading so that you can run away. He does it so that you can tell people around you and they can cry out to God for deliverance. People’s hearts often soften towards God when they feel like they need His help. By the unholiness of the masses, God is removed from closeness with a people. This leaves an opening for the enemy to bring an attack. So God warns whoever He still has in that place in hopes that the people will repent. If that happens God reaches in to protect them. It is His nature to love but it is also His nature to resist the proud and only give grace to the humble.

In the US today I am reminded of this repeating process in scripture. There are many warnings and encouragements going out from God’s servants. Somehow it occurs to people to pick teams and fight, some pro warning and others pro encouragement. In reality, God is sending these messages to different people. To those who are already close to Him, He is saying I will protect you and bless you in this time of storm. To those who are walking in pride, He is sending a clear message that there is a storm and you need to repent. Same message, same God, but going out to different hearts.

A nation looking to repent of our national sin is in a unique position. God has placed in front of us the possibility of overturning abortion laws in the Supreme Court. That single act of national repentance would bring His closeness and protection for a season. If we follow His ways and continue to grow closer as a nation He will bless each decision the masses make. This process can’t start with masses. It starts with me laying in bed at night praying that our nation gets a good Supreme Court Justice and overturns abortion laws. It starts with me praying to find other ways to help women in difficult situations. It starts with a heart of repentance and mercy for the nation, for the unborn and for the mother who feels there’s no hope.

The truth is many of us in the church have been in these same difficult situations. God has already helped us through and we know He will help you too. We also know even the most unwanted of children is a blessing to the life of the mother. And the spiritual wound on the heart of someone who goes through an abortion never goes away. God forgives, but just like all of the major attacks on our lives the pain stays around. We need to remember that a woman in that situation is under attack from the devil, it’s a spiritual war and we have the tools to fight on their behalf.

Our nation is standing on a razor’s edge. We are going to have to pray through this one fight together as one. The Supreme Court is not a political rallying cry, it’s entirely spiritual and the enemy is fighting hard not let that control and witchcraft over our nation slip away. But it will slip away and back into God’s hands if we will pray! That’s what time it is, it’s time to pray for a new Supreme Court that will uphold God’s justice in all of it’s decisions. If one justice isn’t enough pray for 2 or 5 more or however many it takes to turn our nations legal system away from evil.

If we pray together, in the morning before the Lord in quiet of our homes, on our beds at night, and throughout the day; if we meet together to pray for this one issue, and go down to the courthouses and raise our hands over these places. If we go to the Capitals, political offices and government buildings and lift our hands in prayer for God’s justice! We will break through these traps laid for us! Covid is only here to stop this revival! The storms, the financial problems, the riots are all here to stop this revival! We are going to have to step into the street and into our cars and into our closets and our living floors and pray! We must make our prayers rise to heaven like sweet incense before the Lord and cry out to move His heart close to us! He will take down the giant if we will only throw the dang rock!

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