Breaking the cycle

It was a pretty long night last night because I had a 2 or 3 year long dream. It was pretty weird but very important too. I started out in a hospital. I bumped into a nurse and gave her what I had in my hands. Next thing I know I’m in a car shop. I spend the next couple of years trying to accomplish something but I just can’t get it done. I do the same work, I get the same orders, I work with the same person all the way through.

After years of trying and trying and trying again, something new happens! Some people inside the office of the auto shop get up and come outside. Me and my partner don’t really know what to think. They don’t say anything but we start moving away from them towards the door. One of them starts kicking a quarter and maybe a penny towards us. I keep seeing this quarter and he kicks it closer and closer as we approach the door.

I pick up the quarter just as my partner and I are stumbling out the back door and there I am in that same hospital. It’s years earlier again and I bump into that same nurse as I round a corner. I give her the stuff in my hand but then I make a change. I go ahead of her and tell her to let me carry the stuff and then I give her the quarter. Then suddenly there’s a scene out of Narnia. I’m told that this allows the return of the 4th king that sits upon the thrones of men.

I see Peter and he is showing me the way to the thrones as though I were Edmund returning. Suddenly I realize that I have come to the end of a cycle in my life. I’ve been trapped in this repeating cycle for years but something is coming to break the cycle. And when this cycle is broken I will finally step into my destiny. I’ve been in search of my God given destiny for a long time. God has been preparing me for that purpose and I’ve felt like it was alluding me. Like there is just this one thing, this one idea, this one spark that will suddenly make it all make sense. Once it makes sense I can run for it with all that I have!

I’m close, the Lord has me right at the doorway to my destiny in life. I think that there are many people at the doorway of their destiny who have also spent years searching. I’m here to tell you that you are right at the door! God is sending that one simple thing, that little quarter on the ground, to come your way. It will put you in position to break the cycles of failure and step into the perfect plan of God for your life! May the Lord give you the quarter you’ve been waiting for. May the Lord spark your spirit with that exact thing that He created you for. May you step out of the time of being prepared and into he time of accomplishing the mission of your life! And may God bless all y’all.

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