Building the Kingdom with a prophet named Luke

Early in the night I was dreaming and this guy named Luke was going around speaking to everyone. The things he taught were amazing and clearly prophetic. I didn’t think he really could tell that he was a prophet, a lot of people don’t know a thing like that about themselves in these times. But soon Luke came to my house, so I pulled him aside and told him, ‘You are a prophet and…” Then I told him the wise next step for a prophet in his situation to take to keep himself protected.

You see the prophets make people very angry. By speaking clear spiritual truth, they always upset power structures and anger people who want to control some aspect of this world. Luke was making many enemies around the country and people were already plotting against him. I just wanted to warn him and tell him how to position himself safely. But Luke threw me a curveball.

He responded by telling me no and then turning my own words on me. He said I was a prophet and I needed to do those things. Then he explained that he was simply raising up me and many others to do the things I was describing to him. In my spirit I saw the spirits of many people in a group. When they grew, they put kind of a bubble around each person. The bubbles fit together perfectly and spread everyone out. Those underneath, like Luke, who were helping people’s spirits grow, were pushed a great distance by the mass expansion of the spirits of those he was helping to grow. This process pushed Luke deeper and deeper into the spiritual would. By the time anyone would raise up several others, that person would be so deep in God’s Holy Spirit and the other side of the veil that they were beyond the issue they set out to confront. But they would leave behind those whom they had raised up to deal with that issues as they went on to a deeper one.

Luke had shown me the Kingdom in my spirits eyes. It was a beautiful and vivid picture of the words of Jesus, “Anyone who wants to be first, must be last and the servant of all.” That’s how Luke rose above what confronted him in this world. He served others until he had built a strong group of Spirit filled people to deal with the trouble. May the Lord bless you and I to be able to follow him in this way. To confront the darkness by giving bright lights of Jesus to many people so that they may confront what was hidden in Jesus’ name. And may God bless all y’all.

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