The Covid Flu

This is something that we are gonna need to be praying about. Last night I had a dream where I was in a car dealership. There were about ten of us in a little waiting room with a bathroom off to the side. Some of us used the bathroom and inside someone got sick. They said it was a New Covid. They threw up first and later they had blood come out of their eyes. It was bad like Ebola and it was spreading through a lot of the people in the room.

But then I looked up and found that I was in another public restroom, this time it was a truck stop. In the truck stop people were getting the New Covid too. Some people came to try and quarantine the truck stop after people started getting sick there. But I knew from the car dealership that it had already spread outside of that one location.

When I woke up I talked to my wife about this because she is a medical professional genius type person. She stopped me at the end and said, “That’s the Covid Flu I was talking about yesterday! I can’t believe you dreamed this!” Odd thing to say for an experienced dreamer like herself. So I asked some questions. She told me that she and others were concerned that Covid would mix with Flu this Flu season and make some form of hybrid. So I asked if it was possible for something like that to present with those Ebola like symptoms and she told it was possible. Not the most likely outcome but absolutely within the realm of something that could literally happen.

Be praying about this. I saw a prophetic woman about a week ago who heard a word not to wear mass produced masks because they would be laced with a virus. I also mentioned that to my wife who told me she had heard that very early in the Covid times. She had made sure to outfit facilities and our family with locally produced masks because God was telling her the same thing. I think we are seeing a situation develop that will be big trouble. I also had a dream months ago about a new strain of Covid.

So be prepared. Stay away from mass produced masks. Get the local masks from the Etsy crowd, you know who they are. Stay out of public restrooms too. All of the transmission in my dream happened in public restrooms. Wash your hands and be safe! God wants to protect people but only those who hear His voice and DO what He says will be under His protection! Pray that He will keep you safe from this, and the other troubles that are coming at us in these last days. May you all be safe and may God bless all y’all.

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