The renewing of an old dream

Last night I had a dream that I dreamed years ago. It didn’t make a ton of sense. I went to my old boss’ house in my old car. I was following him to get there and we pulled up. Years ago when I had the dream, my car rolled off and I had to find these weird straps to make it stay in the driveway. But this time I knew that would happen, so I just went over and found the straps myself. My old boss was a little surprised that I knew what to do from the previous dream.

So we go inside and there are old friends in there. We sit in the living room to watch a movie. I went ahead and got the movie out and got everything set up because I knew what was going to happen. Again my old boss was surprised that I knew what to do. We sat and watched the movie, it was an old comedy classic of some kind on a VHS tape. (It was an old dream, we still used those back then) Everything worked out just like the last time I had this dream except that this time I was all grown up and knew what to do.

Then something new happened, my pastor and his wife from now walked into the dream. We talked awhile and I put away the VHS tape, I think it was Christmas Vacation (that’s an old Christmas comedy for you younger people). And that was the entire dream. As I was attempting to tell the dream to my wife this morning I said, “I had an old dream come back”. It was a dead giveaway, an old dream, an old calling that was being renewed now.

I didn’t know what to do when I was young and dreamed of being an entrepreneur like my old boss. I always expected to a pastor but again I didn’t know what to do. One was the car outside the big house and one was the friends and fun in the living room. Now I don’t know exactly how it’s all going to work out but these two things, ministry and creating something new where there once was nothing, are connected. I don’t know what to do, but God says I do. I know what to do. I’m to a place where my preparation is going to transform into action and I’ll be able to handle it.

No matter how old I get I don’t view myself as a leader or someone who can handle challenges. But the Lord has put through the pressure cookers of life to get me to a place where regular problems really aren’t that bad. He wants me to know that I’m ready to take action, ready to start doing what I’ve been preparing for. This doesn’t mean I will come out of the gate perfect, but it means I’ll be able to move forward in my calling without making the huge mistakes. Praise God for preparation and for telling me when I’m ready. Praise God for the callings on all of our lives. He makes us a way to get to what we are made to do and once we find that perfect calling, all of our passions in life come together into one giant fire for the task at hand! This really is an amazing life and an amazing process! God is so good!

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