Let’s fight!

I had a wonderfully symbolic dream of a large fight this morning. There were 2 groups of fish in the water next to two groups of people on the land. There were some very big and scary people on the land who were always making everyone else do what they wanted. They would bully, trick, lie to and manipulate in any way possible. The people on the land who didn’t like them would separate from them, trying to have their own society where things were peaceful and honest. But where ever the honest people moved to, the evil people would notice how easy it was to trick them and show up.

Then I jumped in the water and became a fish. The fish were organized the same way. There were all of these schools of fish that just wanted to work together. But there were always predators waiting underneath them, deep in the dark waters hiding. The sharks and barracudas and others would look from their hiding for a chance to take what they needed. They would rush in and scatter the schools of fish, eat what they could and then go back to lurking in the shadows.

The fish and the people were so much alike and what was happening in the water was happening on the land. The schools of fish were like the church and the land people were the good soil hearts within the unsaved people’s of the world. They search for peace but in this world there is always trouble that comes. Once I saw it all, I jumped back out onto the land and was a man again. I started helping the people on the land to find the peace they looked for. But soon the wicked people came. They tried to trick me, they tried to bully the people and things got very difficult.

Soon I began to stand up to stop the wickedness from attacking the people. Something rose up in me to fight this fight and immediately I became a fish again and dove deep into the water to confront the sharks and great predators! I went so far down that I was below them, that depth was like having the high ground on land would be. They saw me and came to attack me but I was positioned in a way to disrupt their plans! These are the rulers of darkness in the spiritual realm, these are the demonic rulers who work with the wicked people on the land.

Soon my school of fish came to where I was and attacked the sharks from underneath and ran them off. Immediately I swam to the surface, jumped on the land again and became a man. The place where I was on the land now was the middle of the wicked attackers. One giant man was leading them and I stood between him and the good soil hearted people, the people able to hear truth and grow. As I stood facing the giant I began to hit him with a piece of furniture that I found next to me. It was some sort of strange end table. Every time I hit the giant parts of the table would break but the giant wouldn’t move. It couldn’t go around me either and so I stood my ground and hit the giant with the end table. Each hit formed this end table and I began to learn which parts of the end table were better for hitting the giant.

I don’t know what the end table was being formed into but the people were afraid and needed the protection. Only the strongest parts of the weapon were left by the end. The giant was still there and I was still fighting, my weapon was getting stronger and a few of the people were ready to pick up weapons themselves. The fight is on, I’m going into ministry soon and the Lord is teaching me about what it be like. He is also teaching me about binding and loosing and the spiritual gifts and weapons He has given me and will develop through this great spiritual battle in my life. There will be some people who see my fight and rally behind the cause of Christ Jesus. Praise God it’s going to be a good fight! Let’s fight! Let’s win in Jesus’ name! And may God bless all y’all:)

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