The cloning

Last night I spent my sleep time with world leaders. I dreamed that I was in a house with Biden, Putin, Xi and several other leaders of nations. These were representatives of the two dominant systems in the world. The U.S. led democratic individualistic societies and the Russia and China led Marxist group focused societies, SWIFT and BRICS all in one room. Now this wasn’t a meeting anyone wanted to be in. This was a meeting to decide who would win in the great merger.

The great merger is where east and west collide into one world. The systems go from two to one. No more playing both ends against the middle, the great separation has taken place. People know which side they are on, teams have been picked and now it’s time to play the game. Someone has to win in order to merge the world into one system.

To accomplish this the meeting was centered on a woman. This woman needed to be cloned so that she could embody the spirit that would rule the earth. China and the U.S., Xi and Biden, were fighting over the woman but ultimately China cloned her. Once she had been taken into the China closet (China was a closet in the house LOL), the woman was cloned and the fighting began. This became a battle between 3 systems. The world’s 2 systems that were created for this moment of merger and the Kingdom system which I was representing in the dream.

I tried to fight against the woman and her clone and to take down both. But she was protected by the fighting of the other 2 systems. Putin stood back like a puppet master watching China and the U.S. fight it out on the front porch. I did my best be the fighting was so furious that I couldn’t get to the woman or her clone.

The front porch is the future in this dream. China has copied the U.S. systems in order to take over leadership of the world. Putin has Biden and Xi on a string and is setting them up to fight. Ultimately, he is working to get the superpowers of the world, aside from Russia of course, to fight each other in the Great War that will bring the great merger. This isn’t to build up China, China has been a very large pawn for a few hundred years. Everyone uses China to accomplish other ends, they are big sword to swing.

Once the U.S. is weakened the powers of the world will strike hard. We are in for some trouble here in America. I don’t know why it wasn’t Trump except that he won’t be part of this process. Maybe he doesn’t get elected, maybe he gets removed or dies somehow, maybe he’s in the hospital or it’s happening in a few more years, I really don’t know. But it wasn’t Trump, it was Biden and we are staring down a time when Biden could be in charge of military action for the survival of America. Putin is sitting back and laughing at that and trying to make sure it happens exactly that way.

Pray for our nation guys, at the same time I was having this dream, my wife was having another dream. Medicaid changed it’s entire system and a major company began sending away all of its Medicaid patients. There would have to be a major nationwide issue to cause that. The poorest people in our society would be hurt by a plan that is meant to help them. There are some extreme circumstances still to come in the U.S., Covid isn’t our only major concern. Covid may be a catalyst for these issues, but the issues that are coming will be much worse than Covid itself. God help us! Lord I ask that you would guide your people through these troubles. Lord help your people to draw near to you as the systems of the world collide! May you have wisdom and skill in navigating these times with God’s Kingdom and may God bless all y’all.

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