Last night I was dreaming about my next steps in life. Someone was going along with me through a process of finding my next job. I was not understanding what to do but I wanted to apply for my next position soon. I have been preparing for something and I don’t know what. I woke up more trying to understand and I just don’t see what God is doing yet. So naturally I start praying a little and I drifted in and out of sleep and prayer for awhile. I saw a lot of little short messages and I forgot all but one. In one of these little drift offs I saw the word Farm floating in the air.

Now I know that the best way to unplug from a collapsing system to begin growing your own food. And it doesn’t take as much land as we city people usually think. Many years ago God called me out of the city and into a country lifestyle. We raise chickens and have some garden beds but it’s been hard to go from knowing nothing at all about agriculture to incorporating it into my life. I still make a lot of stupid mistakes.

I think God knew I was going to need time so He called me to get started very early. I got injured in the middle of all of this and lost a few years of basically everything including land management experience. But this year I’ve gotten back on the move. He’s helping me with ideas like grow potatoes because you won’t get enough calories from lettuce and tomatoes to survive. So I’m working on setting up a potato area.

I don’t have a lot of land and I can’t imagine making a living out of farming here, not financially anyway. But I can see how our yard can feed us and give us plenty of water. I’m basically expecting the worst case scenario. For many years, even since before the birth of this country, there have been prophecies about the trouble that awaits us. George Washington, A.A. Allen, Henry Gruver, William Branham and many more, have all seen the same basic thing happen.

It starts with internal trouble, several natural disasters, and an economic collapse. When these things begin to weaken the US, the countries who hate us seize the opportunity. They had a part in creating the internal revolutions in the first place. But they come in secret and strike hard, with a nuclear strike on many major cities. This comes from submarines on every coast and many cities are destroyed together. At this point they invade and begin to take the wealth of the US. God will protect His people, but the rest will be involved in a terrible war on our soil. When it seems that all is lost, the angels will come. When I read about the help we will receive, it sounds like the return of Jesus, but it could also simply be God’s help in ending the war.

This situation will call for people who know how to produce things for other people. God has been calling on many to prepare and this preparations started decades ago. I feel so behind as I see natural disasters and internal revolution beginning to happen. Who knows that we aren’t under full assault in a year or two? But I know that God is good and He will help us through. He already started helping us through. Even though it will be difficult, come Lord Jesus come. And God bless all y’all.

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