The world is about to look at me differently

Last night I had this dream where I went to all of these different places. I was in a store and I was doing crafting at tables with a bunch of people. I was also in a youth group at a church. After that I was in a business and then a bar and a guided fishing trip. Many different spheres of people were having me come around. This was all happening in a town named after me. But there was another interesting feature of this dream was how people were seeing me. I looked like me and felt like me to me. But when I walked by a mirror I would notice that I looked like a different person, in several cases I was a different race entirely. To the people I was around I looked like something or someone completely different from how I see myself. Seeing me this way caused people to like me more and want me around.

Let’s just break this down in case some of you guys aren’t following the message that is conveyed through this dream. This dream is focused on me, so the purpose of it is to tell me something that God is doing with me. He is about to put me in front of a wide variety of people and in a wide variety of settings. This will be a guided fishing trip, meaning He is going to guide me through this for the sake of fishing for people to come into His kingdom. In other words, He is using me to reach people who were not being reached. My whole life is meant for the purpose of reaching out to people for God and He is guiding me through that process.

This will come in several forms, I could go to Wiccans/occultists/witches (crafting), youth, churches, business people, party crowd people and just generally anyone that God is wanting to reach out to right now. For most of my life I have rubbed people the wrong way but I’m about to find myself in a situation where people of all kinds are going to invite me. They are going to think I’m something that I don’t see in myself. In fact, they are going to have all sorts of expectations that aren’t who I am at all. Those expectations are going to drive them to find me. They aren’t going to see me for who I am but God is going to use that to reach them. He is about to use people’s own misconceptions to get into their hearts and have relationship with them.

Why would God tell me this? Several reasons make sense to me. The most obvious is to share with me His plans for my life. Another is to answer my prayers to reach people, He wants me to be fruitful and He is going to make me fruitful. Another is so that I won’t get caught up in all the drama. If everyone has a wrong perception of me, and God is using that, then my job is stay close to Him. I have to remain who I am with Him and at the same time people are going to try to temps me with flatteries and all the trouble that comes with being well liked. I’m not used to being well liked and I will have to be prepared the trouble that can come with this process. Happy Rosh Hashanah! Looks like the good Lord is about to bring me into something new. This is a lifetime and a decade of following the Lord closely in the making and He is about to use that for His kingdom’s service! I pray that every one of us would know the Lord, follow Him and be called into His service in Jesus’ name! God bless all y’all.

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