The Flaw of attraction and the antimaga

I’ve been living in a little season of spiritual warfare lately so my dreams are all fights. But who needs to hear about me praying for awakening and smashing attackers in the night. I ran into a book the other day that laid out the complete timeline of the great conspiracy of darkness in the world. Interestingly it wasn’t Christian book, it was a law of attraction book. Now this of course sent my mind into its usual overdrive to see the connections that I’ve missed and I did see them very quickly.

In the devil’s kingdom there is an idea that most of us best understand by the yin/yang. It’s the knowledge of good and evil in the Bible, the secret knowledge to the gnostics and the law of attraction to many in the white witchcraft community. The idea is simple enough, good guys and bad guys, right and wrong, light and darkness, positive energy and negative energy all within the limits of our own imperfections. This is the great deception, the one and lie man kind ever needed to plunge us hopelessly into darkness. It is the devil’s greatest handiwork.

Instead of creating a new system, the devil made a false version of God’s system. This system isn’t about true light and darkness. The Zohar tells us plainly that the light they believe we should be looking for is actually a black light. That’s the god of the occult which Jesus denounces directly in Luke chapter 11. “See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness. Therefore, if you whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be just as full of light as when a lamp shines its light on you.” Jesus warns of the dark light and tells that, unlike the yin and yang, there should be no darkness in the true light of God.

Jesus came in the flesh to walk in perfect light and break this very curse. But the law of attraction is part of the curse, not part of the solution. It is rooted in selfishness and control just like any form of witch craft and because that little bit of darkness is in it, it can’t operate in the true light of God. Jesus didn’t use the light of God to become wealthy, but homeless as He said, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the son of man has no place to lay his head.” Why did He call Himself the son of man? To keep reminding us that He was walking in flesh. Real actual flesh. Not flesh plus all the power of God at hand just because He was born of God. Nope, actual flesh and the power God was given by the Holy Spirit, the same way, the same gift that he left for all of His followers.

Sadly, so many reject the power of flesh plus the Holy Spirit and instead come to God with wishes as for selfishness and trying to use the ways of Jesus as if they were the law of attraction. But Jesus left us holiness, blessing and persecution as our lot. The world will get worse and worse and eventually everything will burn. How is wood, hay and stubble the goal of spiritual living? What would the law of attraction attract to us but the worthless things of the world. Human respect, money, fame, power, and nothing of value. There is no crowd for getting the most of the world’s things.

In the end times we are reminded to walk away from literally everything, even our own lives. The true light of life may attract God’s goodness and grace to you but it also attracts a fight. His grace helps us endure trouble while walking right.

This morning I woke up and noticed that Sudan is in talks to join the Israel peace treaty. This treaty seems to have all of signs of the treaty that brings us into the end of days. The scholars have been looking for a revived Roman Empire for generations now, thinking that they understood the symbolism in the Bible perfectly. The pharisees missed Jesus the first time around as scholars of the Bible, so that cycle is obviously going to be repeated. And as I watch this develop I see the weirdest thing in the law of attraction that I’ve ever seen. It’s a big question in my mind.

What a trick it would be in Trump were actually the antichrist! This simple act would fool millions. The darkest people in the world oppose him. He just helped create a treaty that seems to be growing into The Treaty, from he Bible. All Christians, myself included, love the guy. The church is screaming his goodness from the rooftops. Yet he is a very boastful guy and really didn’t live a Christian life prior to his election. And of all the things, witches are pointing that out and Christians are ignoring it because he is giving us more political power and moving things our direction. To top it off, there are multiple prophecies of an assassination attempt on Trump that will take him out of power for a little while, only to recover and walk with a limp.

The thing is, he fits the profile of the Bible’s prophecies. I’m not remotely sold on Him being the antichrist yet. But I’m watching. The fact that I like him and even want to vote for him, doesn’t come ahead of my walk with God. If Trump were to be the antichrist, the great falling away would be an easy accomplishment. Literally no one in Christian circles is looking for this but the prophecies are still starting to line up. We have to put God’s word ahead of our feelings. If for some reason he walks into the third temple and claims to be the savior of the Jewish people, or to be god the way a new age person might fight themselves to be god, or claims one world religion as he seemed to indicate during the speech at the treaty signing of the Abraham Accords, we have got to know that we’ve been fooled.

I’m not sure about this, obviously, but I’m concerned enough that I don’t want to vote. I can’t in good conscience vote for Biden, he’s leading the darkness that claims to be darkness. But I’m concerned about a darkness that appears to be light and I may just have to sit this one out. This would be the greatest deception of all time and it feels close enough to real that we should at least get our eyes open. I’m not asking anyone else not to vote, or to call Trump bad names. I just want believers to look at our Bible and compare it to how things line up in real life. I could be wildly wrong, and I still like Trump overall. But I love Jesus and His word is my highest authority. So if it does go sideways, I just want us to be watching. God bless all y’all.

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