Is the actual mark ready?

I was laying down dreaming about John Jacob Astor and how he funded the great migration west. I was dreaming of his funding of the America’s side of the war of 1812 and how he was the guy who set up the China trade long before Nixon. It’s a tale of the old west that we don’t see a lot of movies about but it has been of great interest to me as of late. I think the Lord wants me to understand the roots of these issues we are having with China and how they are coming to fullness.

I woke up from that and I just couldn’t sleep. My mind spinning with a million questions and few answers, I decided to pick up and read some news. I was reminded that the primary news of the day is about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I know that’s going to cause a great storm as the power slips out of the hands of those trying to seize the earth. Sadly when power moves one way, the plan always moves with it.

A lot of things came together in my mind. The dollar collapse just before the election to swing the vote. The earthquake coming as the spiritual warfare increases and the princes and gods are removed from their places of power. The attempt on the president’s life and the time it will take for him to recover. As Dana Coverstone said, there was no one in the Oval Office and as Veronica West said, Trump will win but he will walk with a limp.

The rioting and the potential for EMP or coronal mass ejection all at one time. Coronal, Corona… it’s like there’s a message hidden away in that sequence of events. A coronal mass ejection is named for the Sun’s Corona. That’s the outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere. It’s the Sun’s crown, like the crown virus that is spreading around. If we see a coronal mass ejection as Dana Coverstone said, no one knows what happened to the power or the lights. Well some people already know but the news will say otherwise won’t they?

And as I read and think in the middle of the night about these crowns (corona means crown if I lost you on that), I run into a story about one potential way of dealing with the crown virus. Let me step back a second, I was watching a show last night about city of London being originally incorporated under that same name, the Crown Corporation. It’s controlled by the Rothschild’s, or that’s what the show was saying. I had a dream about them and their company collapsing. The Crown Corporation which has brought us so much of what is known today as conspiracy theory over the centuries, is collapsing. Looks like we are in the middle of a triple crown event in the earth.

But back to the story, as a means of dealing with the corona virus, it is suggested that next year they begin using an implantable chip. Ken Peters used to say that it would start out voluntary and so far that has proven accurate. When I dreamed of the chip, it would allow a person to remote start their car, and change channels on the TV almost telepathically. That has also proven to be a part of what science is designing. But it was L.A. Marzulli who I first heard point out that it would change your DNA and that is the story I read this morning.

The news was reporting how an implantable chip, designed to change RNA which then changes DNA of a cell, is being made ready for use next year to fight corona virus. If I didn’t know the occult origins of most bad sci-fi movies, I might think it was like one of them. But as is I’m starting to see crowns lining up in the spiritual realms! Endure to the end and you shall be saved says the Lord! That’s Jesus’ prophecy by the way, it’s in Matthew 24 when He tells us about the end times.

As the end times approach and let’s face it, we are right there, I do see small glimmers of hope for a few good things. The great revival! Mostly sparked by people suddenly realizing we in the great tribulation, is going to be incredible! Jesus said, “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” He also said, “I am coming quickly; hold fast what you have, so that no one will take your crown.” Now is a time to figure out what you believe really fast. He has a crown for those who can survive the crowns of this earth and the great trouble coming through those temporal crowns. But Jesus wants to crown you with eternal life! Let Him!

We will all be tested. Will the earth be able to trick us into giving up our eternity because the government says we have to? All who receive the mark will be thrown into the lake of fire which is the second death. That means it’s the eternal death, the last and final death with no hope of resurrection. Why? Because by trusting in this world’s ways and changing everything we were created to be even down to our DNA, we are choosing who’s kingdom we will follow and we will go where that kingdom leads. This chip will take away our humanity in hopes of the golden age of the occult. A time where men live forever. But the Bible says men will seek death and not find it when that comes. This will be a thing of torment on this earth and for eternity thereafter.

Choose today to follow the Way! Jesus said He is the only door, the only gate, the only Master to follow. He can’t be a Master among many. He said He is the only one, so either He lied and is no Master at all, or he ascended and is the only way. There is no border line between the two. Follow Him! Come follow Him through the crowns that set themselves up against you and into the crown of eternal life! May you know the truth and the truth set you free, and may God bless, all y’all.

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