There isn’t time to act like this

I’d say it was about the 3rd dream of the night that woke me up. I was in a large church and trying to work but I wasn’t accomplishing much. I asked someone to help me understand what I should do. He was a kind older man but I didn’t think he listened, he just went off somewhere. Soon another man came in and invited me to plan a game with him. So I played, I had some fun and we competed a bit. I don’t know if I won or lost, I really didn’t care about that. After the play time was finished the older man came and asked me to walk with him. He had created a differential analysis of the things he had observed. He handed me a stack of folders that contained his full report. Apparently he had set up the game and watched me play. He used that information to do a complete detailed analysis of my way of doing things. He told me that I was all over the place. It was like nothing he had ever seen. I really didn’t want to listen to him. I thought he was being ridiculous, he had just watched me play a game. It wasn’t even important, how could that tell him anything? But he was very insistent that I read his analysis so I brought it home and set it on the night stand. I’d start reading through these various folders and their understandings of me in a little while.

Well I fell asleep in that dream and woke up out here in the world. I don’t even have a night stand but I guess God is about to show me how to be more effective in what I do. I think it’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable because I was so resistant to the ideas. But soon I was back asleep and into a new dream. This one struck a cord with how I’m feeling about the world!

I was at work. Now I was injured out of this job years ago but I used to deliver bulk oils and fuels. So in the dream I was standing there in the warehouse talking to a few guys. One of them was going with me and we had 2 deliveries to make. My partner knew the way to get one of the orders delivered and I would need his help. But he wasn’t ready to go. I started doing some figuring and it was almost noon. Our stops were in a town almost 3 hours away. We needed to load up and go now, and even at that rate we were not getting finished by 5. Today was already going into overtime but no one was ready to get to work. I started to tell the guys we needed to load up and go but they dismissed the idea. They said we have plenty of time. So I went to get the truck loaded myself. When I did the boss called everyone together in the office for a meeting about technology. I was frustrated, I knew we needed to be getting on the road quickly but instead of working we had to sit in a stupid meeting. Not one of these people had any plans on working into the night and yet they wanted to stop me from getting moving.

Now if that doesn’t feel like the church nothing does. I can feel the apocalypse coming quickly and there is a lot to do. But no one around me is concerned and they feel like there is all the time in the world. Even those who are called to go with me aren’t ready yet. Now this reminds me of some other dreams I’ve had recently. Primarily the one about taking a journey. I was called to Atlanta, to a specific neighborhood and I don’t know when I’m going or how my situation will change to get me there. So I ask the Lord and I see a journey on the map of the US. I leave from here and go towards Dallas, then over to Southern California. Up the west coast into a spot in Northern California and from there I go to Atlanta. I don’t know how this is going to work out but it seemed like I was supposed to walk. Like maybe backpack it, but I have injuries that would make that difficult and I have a large family. I can’t imagine being able to do this but I still feel like it’s what God has for me.

So here I am in a big hurry. The end coming quickly, a difficult calling and no idea how to get it done. I know I need to be patient with people because they aren’t seeing what I’m seeing or called to what I’m called to. But I feel the pressure of the world coming down. There’s a lot of work for the church to do in the end times and a lot of opposition coming. But as Jesus told us, this gospel will be preached to all people’s and then the end will come. I know we are going to make it because the word cannot be broken! God bless all y’all. I pray that the pressure of these times will make you diamonds! May your faith make you a beautiful jewel for the Lord to treasure!

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