The Overthrow of America

This morning I found myself in a very long but significant dream. It started with me taking the kids to McDonald’s. We ate in the drive through at a table and it was pretty weird. It reminds me of how we only eat out, now during Covid, by drive through or delivery but we don’t eat inside.

Next I was with my parents and my kids and we were at a carnival. There was a maze there where the kids dress up like their favorite avenger and fight their way through. Lots of people inside with nerf swords and it was playful and fun. This kind of reminded me of halloween. Our church does the biggest ‘harvest festival’ in town. So it was almost like these events were showing timing along the way through the dream.

After this I found out that I had been living in my grandparents old house for awhile. I went past the house to a house at the end of the street. I dropped the kids off for a birthday party. I was going to leave but I got blocked in so I went inside. It was mostly strangers but a girl named Crystal was there in the kitchen. I went into the living room and found a man there who I had never met but I had wronged him. So I gave him a tearful apology and we restored our mutual respect. Then I walked out through the kitchen and Crystal had a little handicapped girl picked up and was helping her dance. I jumped in and danced with her and it was fun and funny and cute and the little girl smiled so big. Again I feel like this is a timing issue in the dream, like when I see something like this we are progressing towards the big events later. It felt kind of like revival at this section of the dream. The crippled girl dancing and relationship restored for a stranger could be relationship with God. I’m not sure, I may have to see it to notice or understand it.

Next I went back down the road to my grandparents old house and it was very dark outside. I go up to the room I’ve been staying in which was my dad’s room and then my uncle’s room when they were growing up. But as I settle in things change. I find myself out in the streets. I see the military come up, led by Kamala Harris and Joe Biden! Suddenly, the military was gone and there was police equipment all over the ground. I felt like all the police had quit at once. And at the same time I felt like we were now living in a police state. To me this seems like after the election. Trump wins but is then overthrown in a military coup led by Harris. If that’s what happens everything will change.

I walked through the street for awhile and saw robot police, drones, and a new kind of police force. They started to chase me and I was throwing pens at them. I got away from most but one just kept coming. I hit him with some pens and stabbed him with one. I jumped on his back but he just kept coming and I found myself riding on the guys shoulders. Then I saw a door way across the room and that door was the way out, I just had to patiently wait and get there. So I made a plan to get trick the robot into taking out the new kind of cop for me. Then I would walk it out to the door. Now this last part is very end times. Chinese style robots, drones, UN peace keeping troops and some kind of storm trooper national police force are all real likelihoods in an overthrow like this. Fighting them with pens makes me think of this, writing. And the door made me think of the return of Jesus and I just needed to endure to the end and make it to that door.

Harris perfectly fits the description of the female president who would be in power at the time of the great invasion. This is from a dream I had years ago, a vision of William Branham in the 1930s, a vision from AA Allen and a vision from the prayer walker Henry Gruver. This also lines up with the vision of George Washington at Valley Forge. They all point to a great time of trouble, invasion, nuclear war, all around the time of a well dressed female president who is popular with the black community. Kamala Harris fits all the markers that God left for us. We are walking right into the last days and things are starting to get bumpy.

As I watched the signing of the Abraham Accords yesterday I was very nervous. I feel like the third temple is coming out of this, making it the treaty that leads us right into the abomination of desolation. The end times clock moved up to fast forward and it’s time to endure some trouble. If you think Covid was bad, buckle up and get ready because that was minor by comparison to what is on the way. Lord give us strength to endure to the end. Give us the understanding that it’s only a little while longer. Come Lord Jesus.

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