The great quest is beginning!

I’ve been dreaming for years about a time period in my life when some amazing things would happen. All along the way there have been little mile markets to help me know I was on the right path and little corrections to get me back on track. There have been many periods of training in various areas that God gave me directly. And today I finally see it all converging. I don’t feel any more ready than I felt ten years ago but I’ve been trained by the Holy Spirit to do and know a lot of things I didn’t know back when this all started.

Now my wife knows the Lord and He talks to her in dreams and different ways. But it’s on a different scale than the way He interacts with me, we have complimentary but different purposes. But as I feel a divine convergence happening on my end, the things that I’ve been waiting for God to do for years starting to happen, she is suddenly dreaming things that line up with my expectations! I expect a large scale disaster tied to this treaty deal tomorrow and the only large scale natural disaster I can think of from my dreams is the 9.8 on the New Madrid. Suddenly, last week she dreams of helping the refugees in our town after a large scale natural disaster. Many people were displaced and the government was putting them up in hotels.

And she had another last night that blew me away. Our family was discovering ancient tools. We had a box full of the ancient tools. Suddenly a witch comes out with a gun and tells her to put the ancient tools down. My wife says ok and reaches out one of those tools and slices the head right off of the witch in one blow. My son was amazed at the sight. Now if we take a quick look at that dream we see a few things. The ancient tools are gifts of the Spirit of God that have been lost in ancient times for the most part. Of course, the world’s witchcrafts whether they be pagan or pretending to be Christian, none of them want the church to walk in the power of the early church or of Jesus and they really don’t want the greater works!

But we see the witch in the dream coming with power, she had a gun. This was real dark spiritual power coming to take away our inheritance as believers. That’s a really bad idea and my wife used one of those tools not to disarm but to cut the head right off. The ancient tools of Jesus have all the true power. Now my wife isn’t usually the one fighting witches in dreams, that’s typically my department. I’ve had so much witchcraft come against me at night that I just went ahead and learned their playbook. I’ve seen them come with mini guns and military vehicles and armies but the result is always the same. Nothing can stand before the Holy Spirit, so it’s kind of fun when I get attacked directly because I turn into some kind of superhero. I’m like Neo in the matrix flinging them off by the thousands and flying.

Well today my wife is the superhero, taking the head of the attacker clean off. Today, we see that our family is walking in a divine convergence. Darkness is coming in against us on all side and the pressure has made us diamonds. We are being raised up by the Lord into something that He has been planning for longer than we have been alive, longer than our nation has existed. This great disruption to the world will bring great revival and God is going to power up the faithful in a way that none of us have seen! If you find yourself in the collapse, you will need to become faithful to God immediately! The Fear of the Lord is coming on the earth and the faithful will see what the saints of old wished to see! We may be hidden but we won’t be going quietly into this good night. The Lord is coming and we will proclaim it!

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