The red dragon lion and the quest for butter

The dream I had early this morning was out of this world, larger than life stuff. I was walking through a city and I saw a man arrested. Then I saw another man, normal, doing nothing wrong but he was so worried about being arrested that he was hiding and sneaking down the street. It was clear that people were being arrested all over town and there was something wrong. At this point I saw my parents around the corner and they walked away.

When they were out of sight my quest began! I was searching BUTTER! But not just any butter, this was special butter that the apostle Paul had locked away. The antichrist was hiding the butter now and it was my job to find it. So my wife and I went through the city to a big alleyway. We found a large gate in a building and went inside. There was a long dark hallway, it took some time and we had to be very careful in there. A monster of some kind was looming in the darkness. But eventually we found the butter!

When we found the butter we headed back out towards the gate. A few steps before we got there the monster became aware of our presence. We took off running and just as we came to the gate I looked back long enough to see a lion. Not a regular lion, a HUGE lion. Maybe 15 feet tall, it was longer than my house, big enough to eat us whole with one snap of his jaws and he was fast. We took off down the alleyway, not back the way we came though. We didn’t know where we were going, we were just trying to get away.

As the lion came running out of the gate into the alleyway I heard a loud deep voice say ‘red dragon’. Again and again it announced ‘red dragon’, ‘red dragon’. The beast was fast, fierce, mean and angry at us. It was gaining on us and then, my wife fell down. Immediately I stopped and went back for her! I opened the butter and took out one stick, I threw the other 7 down. My only hope was that the red dragon lion would stop when I found it’s butter and my wife and I could escape. But it was too late.

Just as I threw the butter and picked up my wife from the ground, the red dragon lion leaped at us to pounce! We were running but it was useless and we looked back to see our attacker as he came down from air to land upon us. Just as he was coming down I saw something above him. It was another lion!

This lion wasn’t as big as a house, he was as big as a city! His head was too big to even fit in the alley! I was so in aw of this greater lion that I forgot about the pouncing red dragon lion. And then all at once, the great lion reached down, his giant cheeks crashed into the buildings on both sides of the street. His mouth opened and he snatched the red dragon lion out of the air above us! The great lion pulled the red dragon lion out of the alleyway and began to shake him in his jaws like he was just a tiny thing. The red dragon lion was crushed and we were saved.

I’m not even going to attempt to interpret this until I find the butter! Needless to say I’ll be reading the apostle Paul’s writings over and over again until the Lord shows me the butter. He’s about to unlock something in the scriptures to me that has been lost and hidden. Life with God is such an adventure!

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