The Christian Occult

There are many in the church today who see it fit to spend a great deal of time of tearing down other churches. Strangely enough the occult also spends a great deal of time tearing down those same churches. Everyone seems to think that churches who are teaching people to walk in spiritual gifts; to heal and prophecy for example, are really bad. When you see John Macarthur and Madame Blavatsky on the same side of an issue you have to pause and ask yourself, why?

I saw it in YouTube live chat. I was trying to watch Bethel church out in California live one day. They are somewhat a figurehead for churches trying to walk in spiritual gifts across the country. Consistently, people get in the live chats when they go live and say all kinds bad things about them. I thought, this brother in here arguing needs to see some of these Bible verses about what he’s saying. He’s listening to the wrong people if he spends all his time harassing churches. Of course, as it goes with these professional trolls, he wasn’t listening. And as it sometimes goes with me, I wasn’t stopping. Now this man sounded very much like a hard core Calvinist but then a strange thing happened. Someone else in there told me to go look at this person’s page. It was full witchcraft! This person was a witch taking on the positions of Calvinism to attack Bethel church!

That made me ask a few questions because I had never associated Calvinism with anything but a minor theological argument among otherwise good hearted believers. Heck up to this point I could have considered myself Calvinist because I agree with some of what they say. I didn’t realize what was happening under the name Calvinism and why it was such a fight. It was around this time that a large group of Calvinists split off and left our church over theological issues. Now I go to a pretty toned down little Baptist church. I’m one of maybe 4 people that speak in tongues in the whole place. I’m the first one my pastor ever came across with a desire to discuss dreams and their meanings. My point is, this isn’t Bethel or IHOP, it’s a little Southern Baptist church in the south trying to help people know Jesus.

What was so bad about the preaching that a third of the church had to get out of there!? The Lord had already helped me understand and once it happened He reminded me of the exact point where it all started. Our preacher was quoting the apostle Paul in a sermon and said that the Holy Spirit is the seal of salvation. This was the point of contention! This group calling themselves Calvinists wanted to believe in theology and the understanding of the human mind to get them to heaven. Well that just isn’t a good use of the human mind because the same Bible that says believe, saying the Holy Spirit seals salvation. They were against the Bible! And more importantly they didn’t realize they were against the Bible. What was happening?

The Lord has had me research the occult the last couple of years. Come to find out I’m not the only one, many believers have been called to research the occult. It helps you to see where the lines are and it helps you locate the demonic that is causing church infighting. Now I was going to have a chance to figure it out spiritually. And what I found shocked me! This hard core Calvinist movement that opposes certain parts of the church and accidentally aligns itself with witches and satanists was gnostic!

When I saw how this hidden gnosticism operates in the church it was terrifying. This is an incredibly large deception! But a few points give it away. The Bible says to mark those who cause divisions among you and don’t associate with people calling themselves believers but causing divisions. These are the ravenous wolves tearing at the church. The occult believes in a special knowledge or gnosis being the thing that will save humanity and these theology buffs if they get into pride over theology are doing the same thing. It’s the same deception, special knowledge.

That was just enough to put me on the scent but that wasn’t the whole story. So I looked at the history of Calvinism. I found that just when Luther was starting to make some corrections, a group of revivalists came alive across Europe! They were just like Bethel, prophecy, tongues, healings, miracles and as history tells us an increased sense of righteousness! The people had turned against the Catholic Church and they protected this new group. But arising within the same movement in another place was Calvin. The original Calvinists were just like the Catholic Church. They wanted power and control and political leadership over regions. They moved the evil that Protestants were trying to get away from into the Protestant movement like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

They proved that out over time as they began to kill ‘heretics’. You can always tell a movement is demonic when they get to the final solution of killing everyone who doesn’t grant them power over their thoughts and lives. But they called it Christian so the demons also had the added bonus of blaming God for everything. The killing and persecution of Christians spilled over into the new world. As believers escaped persecution, the wolves followed right on their heals. This nation was founded on that conflict and it has grown into a huge monster of a thing.

Now figure head for the Nazi, progressive and New age religion, Madame Blavatsky, was in full agreement on a key point. She said that anyone who would interact with the spiritual world without adopting the occult world view was dangerous! She and the witches of the world are quite afraid of people who go through the door of Christlikeness by way of the Holy Spirit and enter the appropriate door into the spiritual realms. Well the extreme version of Calvinists think that’s dangerous too! It makes for a great camouflage to take the beliefs and attacks of witchcraft and call them Christian. Most witches do.

What about testing the spirits? I mean if all of this is true, then the simple Biblical test of the spirits that John gives us should apply here too. And as I looked into it I found out that it very much applies! While Blavatsky will tell you out right that she believes Lucifer to be God and Jehovah to be the devil, Christian demonic front groups can’t be so up front if they are to trick anyone. But John didn’t say anyone who calls Lucifer God he is antichrist. That’s included in the test but that’s not the actual test. John says he who denies the flesh of Christ is antichrist.

So let’s look at how the gnostic occult sees things. They believe that Christ is a spirit that can inhabit anyone who is inniciated correctly and ascends to that level. They obviously fit the test of denying the flesh of Christ, it’s very literal. But no Christian would ever say that? So how would someone claiming in words that Jesus was fully God and fully man ever deny His flesh? This took a moment of revelation and it came as I listened to the accusations.

You see over at Bethel they believe that Jesus was so fully flesh that anyone who receives the same Holy Spirit of God, can do the things on this earth that Jesus did. Heal the sick, cast out devils, prophesy and so on. Jesus seemed to agree with this stance as he sent out the apostles and the 70 and taught them all to do what He did and even claimed that they would do greater works than Him after He went to the Father.

The attack on them comes in this same place, they say that because Jesus was fully God, then we can’t do His works. And that do claim that ability is occultism. Again here we have clear opposition to scripture at the core of the argument but what about the test of the spirits? Do they deny His flesh? Well it turns out YES! By claiming that Jesus was special and different and we can’t do what He did, they are saying that His flesh wasn’t like our flesh. They are spiritualizing Him just like the gnostics and occultists always have!

Not only that but what is the explanation for the apostles and others in the early church being able to do the things they say can’t be done now? They were special and not like us. They are actually deifying the saints!!! This is saint worship and gnosticism and needs to be drummed out of the church! Who would want you to believe that Jesus wasn’t like you, the apostles weren’t like you and the early church wasn’t like you, they needed that stuff because they didn’t have the Bible. But now we have this special knowledge so we don’t have to do anything Jesus did or said, we just have to live by our knowledge? Who would say that? Any good witch.

Now I may not be using the right label. The truth is not every Calvinist is walking in this wrong spirit. But there is a spiritual attack on the church through Calvinism. We need to be able to spot it because the apostle Paul says the Holy Spirit is the seal of salvation. It was a wonderful believer named Martyn Lloyd Jones who said in his book Revival that the greatest opposition to revival comes from the church. He specified that it comes from those in the church who actively oppose a subsequent experience baptism in the Holy Spirit. That the oil for our lamps and that’s what empowers believers today just the way it did in the Bible.

In Numbers 16 when Korah and his group rebelled against Moses they made this accusation. We are God’s chosen people too, so why are you special? Why should you get to do these special things? Maybe you are just a liar and none of what you’re doing is really from God! Imagine that, this was Moses! God was literally meeting with him face to face in front of everyone and doing ridiculous miracles where the whole world could see! But was that enough for Korah? Nope. Korah and his posse decided Moses was doing something evil. Now what’s the one unforgivable sin according to Jesus? Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. He even specifies, I’m not talking against me, I’m not talking against the Father just against the Holy Spirit. And that’s really what we are seeing here with Korah and with some of those calling themselves Calvinists. They are opposing the work of the Holy Spirit and calling that work the devil. They are blind to the fact that they have aligned themselves with witches and against God. Please pray for those who may be on this path. They are walking in a great darkness and to them it appears to be light. This is a very dangerous deception to the souls of those who follow it. Break free from the pride of any theology!

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