Was Gandhi a type of antichrist?

So I was dreaming in these little short bursts last night and each one was waking me up. So wrote down each little section and when you add it up it looks something like this. I dreamed I saw a business that was failing. It was a company that I knew of but I can’t remember the name. In my dream I was looking up the meaning of the name and the letters rearranged to say ‘house of Rothschild’. Then I danced my way down the hall to another room.

The I woke up and was praying and fell into another dream. I saw a massive tidal wave. Then I zoomed out and I saw that it was the convergence of 2 massive tidal waves coming in together and running into each other. There was one guy surfing the wave right where the two waves met. He was only about a quarter of the way up the waves but it was about to take him all the way to the top, it was just a little more time.

I wake back up and I’m praying again and I nod off to hear this unusual phrase. The pope has his pick of the dead. The pope was going to be allowed to choose one person from those who have died all through the ages. Presumably he was choosing the person he would want to support as antichrist, one who would return from the grave.

So I woke up and prayed again and I thought about the whole idea. If someone were in the position to choose the antichrist who would they choose? Many people think of Hitler as an example of an antichrist type in history. In fact you hear this idea thrown around in church circles all the time. When you think of the antichrist you think of someone like Hitler. But as I was think it through I realized Hitler would be a stupid choice. He may have rallied a lot of support behind him but he also gathered a world of opposition. That’s no the story of antichrist at all.

If I were going to choose from the dead who to bring back as antichrist I would choose Gandhi. He and Hitler had basically the same religion. Hitler traveled east to find the Arians and the Swastika and all of the things we think of as Nazi. He learned them from the eastern religions. The super soldier program was to bring the return of the super race, which wasn’t white people at all. But in the next rise of this spirit it is clear that white people will be killed off in an attempt to create a super race again. We see that developing in America just they way things developed in Germany back then.

While the evil Germans were fighting the good English in Europe, the good Gandhi was fighting the evil English in India. Funny the way it is when you think about it. Hitler was kind of like Gandhi’s yang man. He did all the evil stuff and built up the power of black magic as the white magic grew in equal power elsewhere in India and together they were able to yin and yang the British Empire down to nothing.

America is heading in the direction of being the Antichrist’s yang man operation. The same evil is creating it’s black magic power in the US while somewhere else a man of ‘peace’ arises on the waves of the two spiritual forces as they pretend to oppose each other. As the US runs into these catastrophes and the black magicians burn the system down and attempt to kill us all here, somewhere the man arises who will end the violence brought in by critical race theory and blamed on the me as I sit home and point out the truth.

We haven’t made it all the way into the murder of millions yet but we are moving that direction under that same Tibetan spirit that brought us Hitler. The interesting thing about Gandhi as a man of peace is that when he won, it turned into the deadliest mass migration in history. Still today they cry peace, peace when there was no peace. They overthrew the British by intrigue, but the British were also a shambles from the war. Hashtag winning am I right?

I hope I’m not right but it is all lining up that way. Next week we sign the treaty with Israel and the UAE. If you remember what I said when that treaty was announced is watch out. These types of treaties always line up with major disasters. Well upon the announcement the president lost his brother out of the clear blue and a couple of hurricanes lines up and flew in together to make a little perfect storm. But on the signing day I suspect we will see the 9.8 earthquake on the New Madrid that I saw in a vision a couple of years back. That’s only a week away and I will make sure and get as ready as I can. I don’t have any way of knowing this is the timing but from what other people have been dreaming around the country and from I’ve been dreaming it seems to line up for an earthquake on the 15th, biggest the world has ever seen, the entire earth will shake. I guess we will know in a week. Either way, repent and get right with Jesus! The real Jesus who came in the flesh and died for your sins. Get right quick because the storm is already happening, tick tock.

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