Under the rainbow flag

Over the weekend I heard a story of a young trans person. He opened up about the things he discusses in therapy. Hearing voices but not just voices, they are like whole beings. They live with him all the time and talk to him. One is really mean and hurts him, one is a dragon, they have him speaking a language he is convinced is the language of the elves and if you know your elf mythology it may well be. These beings have convinced him of his gender fluidity and to lay down his own identity and take up another for all the world to see.

The beings had some help though. You see he thought maybe he was going crazy so he did the normal thing and went for therapy. The therapist instructed him as any good witch might have. Accept these beings as part of you, listen to them, do what they are saying. What? It’s all in your head after all, it’s not like these are actual separate entities who have entered you, that would be so unsciency or whatever. You have a disorder and now that you’ve identified the disorder it is your job to make others around you accept your disorder. What? No help, no change, it’ll never be different. The sign over the psychiatrist door probably reads, ‘abandon all hope ye who enter here’.

But there is hope! These things are not part of him and he doesn’t have to be a her and speak in demonic tongues just because a spirit tells him to! That’s actually the worst possible thing to do! All therapists should just give up your profession now if this is the advice you’re giving people. Well, unless you got into specifically for the witchcraft, but be more honest if that’s the case. We see that this is now completely woven into the fabric of our society. Every court would recommend counseling, no court would recommend deliverance ministry. Unfortunately counseling leads to an enormous suicide rate for these people because the demons eventually tell them to kill themselves and the counselor says those are good parts of you and you should trust them. I bet they make death sound appealing as they trick people into following them down to the pits of hell shackled and chained.

Let’s talk about the occult roots of this kind of therapy for a minute. Just because they give degrees in this stuff doesn’t make it ok. In fact, every part of the occult gives degrees, that’s where the entire college system is rooted too. That’s another story though. If you go to the library of the Theosophical Society you’ll find a lovely translation they did of an ancient religious book: The Tibetan Book of the Dead. In this book we find two extremely interesting topics of conversation for todays LGBTQ and New Age as they move together across the earth under the rainbow flag.

The first item of interest is the forward by Carl Jung. If you don’t know the work of Jung you aren’t into Psychology or dream interpretation. This guy is the backbone of the understanding of the mind in modern science. Of course, these’s a minor issue here, the Theosophical Society is an occult organization and Jung was right in the middle of all of that. He also mentions the occult views of his contemporary, a gentleman by the name of Sigmund Freud. He invented psychotherapy to help people know more about who they wanted to have sex with and how much cocaine they should be snorting. That’s a rough summary of his work of course. Jung on the other hand wanted to make sure that your dreams pointed you back to the occult so he created the archetype theory of dream analysis.

These guys created our modern understanding of the dream and the human mind right out of ancient demonic world. Think about this from a strategic perspective for a minute. If the Bible promises to pour out the Spirit of God in dreams and visions in the last days then it might be smart to make people believe that isn’t happening so they don’t follow God. Well if you’re the devil it makes sense anyway. Even most Bible ‘scholars’ today believe that God can’t talk in dreams. Not because of anything in Bible of course, but because every seminary makes sure to teach counseling all of which is rooted in large part in the work of occultists like Jung and Freud. Nice Theology there guys, good job protecting the gospel there pastors.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is an interesting work too. Jung heavily endorsed its content in his forward. The content is the second thing I want to point out that is of interest here. This book teaches that people will be reincarnated and walks everyone through the process. It doesn’t take long of course, a couple of months maybe. You die and go to a place of torment but you shouldn’t believe that the torment is real. No you should just wait patiently until your rebirth into the land of the living. The blood drinking deities are good guys really so don’t give them any crap. Most importantly don’t make the mistake of thinking you are locked in a permanent hell! That’s not a good idea, if you start thinking that way then you may get stuck there for eons! You have to click your heals like Dorothy and believe you’re going back to Kansas. If you don’t believe the right way it’s your fault when you get yourself stuck there. It’s not hell after all, and by your own efforts of believing just right you’ll be back to living in no time. The torment is just to trick you, sure you hear it and feel it and experience it but seriously it’s just the process, trust the process.

Of course, contrasting that with the Bible it’s almost like these religions knew that one day Jesus would go down there and preach to the dead. Those who listened to His voice would be raised by the power of the gospel and the blood drinking deities would be defeated. Ultimately the New Age is an outgrowth of these eastern religions among others. They keep changing the names as people start to understand so maybe it isn’t the New Age anymore. Let’s call it the one world religion that combines everything together. Why do they want the dead to pretend they can rise by their own power and never to listen to the voice of the one who could actually raise them? Well the same reason a therapist wants a young trans person to listen to the voices in their head that will eventually try to hurt him. Because they are EVIL!

The Bible says that the first horseman of the apocalypse will come with a bow looking to conquer. Most people associate that as a bow and arrow because of the conquering and because of the fiery darts of the devil. Although some Bible ‘scholars’ actually think this is Jesus, which is one of many reasons you have to put quotes around the word ‘scholar’ now. But according the one ‘scholarly’ rule of Bible interpretation, this bow was first mentioned in the Bible to describe the rainbow. This is the white horse, white meaning purity, the horse meaning power. This is a powerful movement in the earth conquering the planet under the rainbow flag.

You see this movement is about two of the most important issues that can separate people from God, witchcraft and sexual sin. They are working together hand in hand and if you’ve ever learned about Aleister Crowley, you probably know the word sex magic. You don’t have to know how it works to know that it opens up the world to demonic influence. God didn’t make witchcraft and sexual sin off limits because He wants people to not have fun or whatever. He wants people to not destroy everything, themselves included.

Now why is important that people believe that sexual sin and witchcraft are not real, are part of who they are, and are to be obeyed? I mean the science is in right? What if this is a massive global scale spell? Get the sexual sin and demon possession to a critical mass level and boom you’ve called down a great demon prince to rule over a nation or several nations? Maybe one of the big ten! It’s not just a college conference people. Truth be told, this isn’t the only global scale witchcraft happening right now. There are more, but this is the one that is conquering the earth under the rainbow flag.

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