A court challenge to a key freedom

This morning I had an unusual dream. I was down on the ground picking weeds by the fist full trying to get my new garden bed ready. Under the weeds I saw a letter and it kind of picked up and read itself, it was very shiny. It was from a Supreme Court Justice, I don’t know which one. It said that BLM was challenging a key constitutional right, again it didn’t say which one. This challenge was in the Supreme Court and may have been secret. The purpose was to allow people in the streets to be more forceful without facing opposition so that they could push their agenda more forcefully. This Supreme Court Justice was writing this letter to a family member to prepare them. It said that if the key freedom was stricken down, the justice would immediately resign from the court and flea the country.

I must say things are looking worse and worse. We need to all repent and turn to Jesus immediately. But if these kinds of extreme times are as we’ve known for months, a demonic pushback against a great revival that has already begun, then we can have joy! First of all the joy of the Lord is our strength and His word by His Spirit is our only attack, so we better have joy, scripture and the Holy Spirit at the ready when a fight comes. We are not made to be afraid of times like these. Other people will be afraid and we will help them find Jesus. This entire massive attack strategy is doomed to fail because it is driving people right into the arms of Jesus creating the very revival it is intended to prevent.

I’ve really appreciated these timeline dreams of Dana Coverstone lately but I had a timeline dream too. In Dana’s dreams there are some hard things coming quickly. The collapse of the dollar, the great earthquake, increased riots and possibly even an EMP. That’s a hard outlook but there is great hope in all of this! Here’s what the Lord showed me right before the churches started meeting again on Pentecost this year. I saw a birthday party with just a few people from the church meeting together. Then it flashed forward exactly to the next birthday and I saw the house so full that you could hardly move in the crowd. It was full of young families and nursing babies. There were so many that as you walked in the crowd people would just hand you a baby to nurse as all walked into the service.

Now if you don’t speak dream, that says that the church will return on it’s birthday, Pentecost. It will start out smaller than usual. Few people would come right at first. But by the very next Pentecost (that’s May 23, 2021) the church will be packed. And it will be packed with new believers and it will be all hands on deck to get these new believers discipled. So yes I think it will be a hard fall and a hard winter. But it’s gonna be one amazing Spring! That doesn’t mean all of hard stuff will just go away. Our economy may still suck and we may still have riots in the streets but masses of people will run to God through it. In another dream I even saw many witches coming to Jesus, like a LOT of them!

Encouragement is very important right now, Veronika West out of Ireland gave a wonderful encouraging word yesterday. The thing is yes hard times are coming and yes blessings are coming! It’s both. I’ve seen the great revival, and I’ve seen the dollar collapse and the earthquake. Many in the prophetic community have seen all 3 of these events over the last few years. We don’t need to focus on the hard stuff or we can get ourselves out of joy and be weakened. Maintain your joy and know that God is moving mountains to get people into His Kingdom right now. It won’t be the whole world, the world will still hate us and fight against us. But it will be many many people that God really wants to reach before the great Day.

It’s amazing to be alive now. But it also takes amazing courage. We have to trust the plan, not the Q plan, the God plan. Have faith that God is going to do what is best, that we won’t always understand and that we may just have our heads cut off in the streets as part of the process. And that’s going to have to be OK. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote about how he questioned whether he could walk away from his own life for the Lord if that was how his life was to end. By the time he was facing the situation, he felt amazing peace about it in the jail cell and by the time the executioner put the rope around his neck, he was able to say thank you. If I remember correctly he prayed for the man’s forgiveness. That’s our example, that’s our Lord’s example and He will give us the strength when the time comes.

Polycarp had a similar experience in the early church. He was burned at the steak for not recanting his beliefs. God showed it to him in a dream and he stepped to the front of the line to burned first. In the middle of a stadium full of people he calmly walked into the fire and didn’t scream or cry. He made no sound while being burned alive. It scared the people so badly that they stopped burning Christians that day and the great persecution in the area stopped for a long time. John the Apostle was fried like a chicken, in a huge pot of boiling oil and they couldn’t even kill him. God will give us special grace in special times. And right now He is bringing people into His Kingdom through a time of trouble. No reason to be afraid, but follow Him more closely than ever.

When I saw a vision of these cheap wire rings that I can grow potatoes in, I knew what to do. I bought the supplies and I’m going to get some potatoes in the ground. God will tell us what we need to know if we listen and obey. I’m gonna fill the shelves again right away because God is warning of a food shortage. Jesus said there would be food shortages, called them famines. The food shipping system shutting down is famine enough these days so we just get ready while it’s day just because He said to. We don’t need to be afraid, we will have special grace for this. That song trust and obey is running in my head right now because that’s what we’re supposed to do right now. There may not be food by spring but I promise you there will be revival and joy!

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