Gold confiscation is coming

I know that many good hearted people have bought gold since 2008. It is supposed to preserve you financially during a currency collapse, significant or hyper inflation. That’s what you are told when you buy it. But how many of us know the Lord? How many of us are aware that God is doing something in America that isn’t fun and we are going to have to get close to Him if we are going to make it?

Let me lay out a Bible verse and then a few things that the Lord has shown me and few things He has shown other prophetic people over the years. Ezekiel 7 talks about God’s judgements coming against Israel. So in context we are not specifically talking about the US and yet we do see a nation much like the US. We see a nation that is supposed to be His, they are supposed to be believers and yet they acting like an evil nation. Sound familiar? We see God’s judgements coming to wake people up, sound familiar? If so then let’s look a portion of the pattern God lays out.

Ezekiel 7:19-21 “They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord: They shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity. As for the beauty of his ornament, he set it in majesty: but they made the images of their abominations and of their detestable things therein: therefore have I set it far from them. And I will give it into the hands of the strangers for a prey, and to the wicked of the earth for a spoil; and they shall pollute it.” (KJV)

Let’s back up to that first part, ‘gold shall be removed’. Now let me tell you about an experience I had one night several years ago. An angel appeared to me in my sleep. It had the price of gold in its hands and showed it to me. Then the angel said, ‘an announcement will come out of China’ and when it said that the price of gold spiked to 2,369. Now to me that meant buy gold! Many believers have understood that the gold price is going up. But here we are years later. The price hovered in a steady range for all those years until word started coming from China about Covid-19. Things started to go haywire in the economy and gold is hitting new all time highs.

For many who bought during the last all time highs about 11 years ago, this was the chance to get out clean. May I suggest that it still is that chance for everyone. If gold is only going to spike to the high 2300s, that means it is almost finished with running up. But what could stop it? I mean the Fed is taking all of the steps that we know happen in the event of a currency collapse and gold is supposed to skyrocket in a currency collapse. So what gives? Well you may or may not know that the banking system made a move last year changing the official global status of gold as an asset. Changing this classification, changes the way banks hold gold. This allowed banks and especially central banks to start easing their way into gold for monetary purposes.

Now let me tell you about another dream I had. I heard a voice tell me that gold would be revalued from 300 to 800. This implies a few things. One is that the government is going to attempt to value dollars in gold and then they will have to revalue it much weaker because it isn’t working. This is a game changer for 2 reasons. One it’s an attempt to get back on the gold standard and two it’s hyper inflation. The thing is, to get back on the gold standard our government will need to own the gold, much like what happened in the Great Depression. We got rid of our gold so fast that in the 70s they stopped reporting it. We don’t have the gold we claim to have, it’s a very old number.

Now let’s look at some other prophetic words from our time to see if they line up. If you don’t know why I would do that, it’s biblical. Paul said the prophets should be subject to the prophets and we all see in part. That means we need to put the parts together to get any level of real understanding. Daniel studied Jeremiah, a contemporary prophet. Daniel only understood the timing of events in his time by reading another prophet’s words and putting it together. Sure Daniel got some massive prophesies of his own, but God didn’t tell him he’d be in Babylon for 70 years. He learned that part from Jeremiah. We should follow these patterns and let God fit the pieces together instead of walking in pride. If we think that we don’t need modern prophets we are opposing the Bible. If we think that because God talks to me I don’t have to listen to other we are opposing the Bible. I’m not going to be doing any of that, I’ll go with both the Bible and the Holy Spirit and see God work.

First let’s look back at a man named Shane Warren. He had a vision years ago of a dollar storm that came at the same time as an earthquake. God has told me parts about that same earthquake and that same dollar storm but only parts. I need more information. Well here is an interesting nugget from Shane Warren. He didn’t know why silver did better than gold but he was very clear about it. He said silver would be the asset of choice to get through the dollar storm. There are many sound economic reasons for this, like the gold/silver ratio being at all time lows, or technology using silver as an industrial medal. But the bottom line is God warns everyone right there on Christian TV 10 or 15 years in advance to bypass gold and go for the silver first. Why? Because when dollars are revalued against gold, gold will be confiscated.

Let’s look over at a newer voice, one of God’s hidden ones that He is raising up in this hour, Dana Coverstone. He saw the tops of the banks come off and money sucked right out of them. If that doesn’t sound like a bail in I don’t know what does. But what else does that imply? The government will be taking private assets just to survive, that’s what a bail in is, the government taking your savings right from the bank. If they are that desperate of course they will also confiscate gold.

This brings us to another dream I had. I saw a banking system build by Hamilton and one came up next to it build by someone else. The one next to Hamilton’s slid off of its foundation 3 times. But the original bank stood. Hamilton’s system was gold and silver backed, its right in the constitution. And as our banking system collapses, the constitutional system will return. The transition to that is a very ugly process. We will have to get gold. We will have to find a functioning valuation because massive recessions can happen if there just isn’t enough money moving around and there’s a limit on how much can exists. Modern money theory hates that, but modern money theory is failing now.

What about the other part of that verse? Silver in the streets? I think that’s for a little later down the road when we go on a national or global crypto currency system. I don’t think it will take that many years to get there, maybe less than a year once the balls starts rolling. The first step is to get in position now. Take all the profits on the gold and get into silver. Use the money you are making to advance the Kingdom of God and do not live extravagantly. What did Ezekiel say in verse 19? Using these things to satisfy our own soul is the stumbling block of their iniquity. Don’t let an easy lifestyle be the stumbling block in your life. Start grow potatoes and lettuce and raise a few chickens to feed yourself. Potatoes can save a nation as a friend once accidentally prophesied many years ago.

God doesn’t give out investing advice for us to use for ourselves. If we are going to be selfish He can’t bless that. In a time of judgement you have to walk in His ways or you will be swept up in the destruction. If we live with a closed hand we will become a prey for the wicked. This crisis isn’t going to make people rich, but some people who follow His advice will have enough to help those around us. That’s His entire purpose in warning us of things like this. We can do what he says and use it as provision for others. If that’s your heart, then take this up in prayer and you and Him decide what His will is for you. I pray that you would be blessed with the love of God living in you and His wisdom, power and Spirit manifesting through you.

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