The old things

I dreamed I was in this thrift shop with my kids. We pulled up in an old late 50s or early 60s model car and the parking lot was full of them. It was a scene from that time period as everything in the store and the people there were all from that time period. There was an indoor portion of the thrift shop and an outdoor portion. We went inside and some of the kids picked out something in there. The other two waited to see the outdoor portion. So I walked them over there and they each got something from there. One of my sons got this blue hat. It was very tall and the top was rounded. It was like a top hat, blue velvet or something like that. I was trying to get a look at my son’s new hat when the old people started fighting. They were acting like teenagers and I had to just get my kids away from there. I’ve never seen people that age act like that. My wife was on her way back to from out of town and so I dropped the kids off with my mom to meet her and have some time alone together. She came home and we were talking and joking around and I woke up.

I don’t really think there’s a message for the world in this dream. My wife is actually coming home from out of town today. I’m homeschooling my kids and trying to teach them the old things. I always spend my days in an educational thrift shop, finding what is cheap and free and giving old information to a new generation. I watch the old people in politics and the generation in charge of things today on twitter and they fight like teenagers. The old things and an older time is all around us and we are trying to interact with both the new and the old. I can’t imagine sending the kids to my moms today but it would be nice to have the time alone with her. I think this dream was just about my day today and what it’s going to be like.

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