Good things rejected

I slept pretty deeply last night, so I forgot a lot of my dream and how it all developed. But I was in this abandoned house with one friend and one homeless guy who had been squatting there. We were trying to get the house fixed up and the homeless guy helped us and we became friends in the process. But the house had more problems than we could fix. Then a homeless woman came by and the homeless guy was in love with her. She ran off and we all went to see where she went and we were asking our new friend how he had met here. From here I found myself in an 18 wheeler parked in a parking lot. I looked in a box to see what I was hauling and it was candy. There were 2 kinds, chocolate eggs and chocolate bars. I got myself in a bad situation turning around and I was driving on the grass in front of a little row of apartments. One woman there was pointing at me to another woman as if to say isn’t he cute. But when she saw me, she didn’t think I was cute at all. She instantly hated me and was annoyed at the suggestion. From there I go to deliver the candy and they tell me how terrible it is. They don’t want the candy that I am delivering, it just isn’t valuable good for anything.

From there I find myself running a pizza buffet. We have 2 ovens putting out pizzas faster than we can keep up with. We are scrambling to find a place to put the pizzas so that the customers can eat. But no one eats. People come and criticize the pizzas a little and some try to tell us what to do with all of them. We try to meet some of the customer demand and make a table and I personally start working the back of the oven so that they don’t get dropped. The pizzas look amazing, there’s a lot of variety and even some original stuff and some desert pizzas that look amazing. But no one eats them. There are people all around talking and some are talking about the pizzas but no one goes over to the table and eats.

I don’t know what you see in all of that but I see refection of good things happening one after another. I see the church and the world rejecting the things Jesus is trying to give them right now. No matter the variety, no matter how good, many people are just not accepting it. Many of us are trying to fix up the house, give away candy or good food but it’s being rejected. I pray that the revival wasn’t destroyed in its infancy. I pray that the revival can still come! There’s time but no much! I know God’s people are seeing the end close in around us and getting very motivated. But who will we preach to? If no one listens how will they be reached?

Hopefully this is all just personal, like people don’t want what I am offering. People have never quite understood me and the way I do things so for me to be rejected would be pretty normal. But I was just feeling through the whole dream that this is the church rejecting what God is doing. I think that the revival will still make it to unchurched people but I’m very concerned about the lost in the church right now. They will not know what happened and it will be devastating! Let’s pray for the church. Lord Jesus please open the eyes and ears and hearts of those who believe they are Ok with you and haven’t met you! Lord pour out your Spirit in such measure that it shakes the foundations of each person! Lord allow our strongholds and wrong worldviews to be shattered and rebuilt, allow our bubbles to be popped for the sake of our souls! Lord send out your workers but give them the power to open def ears and blind eyes to the gospel in Jesus name!

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