The storm is gathering

We’ve all been having storm dreams lately because the world is in a great storm. After the Israel treaty was signed, I started talking about the 9.8 on the New Madrid and the collapse of the dollar as well as some of the hurricanes that have come as a result of similar deals being worked. Well we had a hurricane that at least in the headlines claimed to be the largest ever to hit Louisiana. It didn’t seem that big so that may have just been more fake news, but the claim was made. We’ve also seen the President’s brother die out the clear blue. We’ve seen more nations preparing to sign onto the treaty as the nations gather to Israel.

One event that I wrote about last week was the Fed meeting. They changed our entire monetary system in a little 9 minute zoom speech. I dreamed that silver would take off after and now I get why gold will top out but silver won’t. Gold will be attached to the monetary system again for a time. It will be pegged and the price will be fixed and I’m sure it will be made illegal in monetary forms. But silver will be allowed to roam free in the middle of a collapse of the world’s money.

All of this will have to happen if the world is to go onto a one world currency for the end times and it appears to be happening sooner than later. We are here at the end times preparing to enter the tribulation. Last night I dreamed of an empty wrestling ring. It kept popping up in different colors and different places. It was a symbol of struggles that will keep coming one after another, wave on wave. Each one would mess up something even though it was an empty struggle. The people of the world are about to be very busy struggling with what is empty and it will keep them distracted all the way through the end.

While the world is busy beating the air those who understand what is happening will begin to shine brighter and brighter across the world. It won’t be long now before what I’m doing becomes illegal, the simple act of saying these things. Hopefully, my blogs that no one reads and old videos that no one used to watch will be far enough below the radar that they stay online and those who are looking for God on there can still find something.

I had several other dreams last night and I also have some interesting dreams from the last 2 weekends in my notes. Let me just blurt it all out there today so I can clear it out. Last night I dreamed that I was in a flying base and that base was also an eldercare facility. Each elderly person had a bay door to the outside and many of them had airplanes waiting there in case they wanted to go somewhere. Someone got promoted and that left an opening in a good position and people were scrambling to get where they wanted to be during the shuffle. I went to a couple of men, one was Newt Gingrich for whatever reason and there was another prominent conservative who I can’t remember. They wanted me to work for them dealing with capital budgeting. I told them that I could present a plan for a house and they told me the future was in planes. They wanted me to present them a plan to purchase an airliner.

Now to me this has to do with my purpose. God didn’t get me to go back to school and learn about business in the end times for no reason. I think that I have a purpose of financing something amazing that He has planned somehow. There is a shuffle happening now and among leaders in the church and the world and I think God is going to line me up to help some high flying salamander of some kind:)

What’s interesting about the financial stuff is that I have also had a dream of being homeless to get to the place God ultimately wants me. I was praying about how He was going to get me to Atlanta and I got a strange response. I saw a map and I went west to Dallas, then to LA and up the coast to San Fran and then to Redding and from there I got to Atlanta. I was supposed to make the trip in foot. Now that is going to be interesting, I think it was literal.

I also had a dream about telling the world the truth about aliens and another about finishing my MBA which was encouraging. And here’s the last one. I was in this hotel going up the elevator with some terrible people. They were mean, evil and abusive to their children and families. So I went out the back of the elevator and used the utility stairs to get downstairs. My cousin asked me to get something from the car, so I ran outside and I was going to run all the way to the car. There was a guy running in front of me and I was slowly passing him. I guess he thought I was sneaking up to attack him because he turned and pointed a gun at me. Well he turned out to be President Trump. He apologized when he realized I was just running too and we joked. I ran up from him just a few feet when this criminal started running away from a crime. He ran in front of me and Trump and we tackled the guy together and held him on the ground.

During this upcoming election I think there are some strongholds that are going to have to be broken. We praying people can help accomplish that with our leaders even if we’ve never met. As things collapse, they will have to stabilize for a little while and I think Trump is going to make some good decisions in the process of all this but ultimately the end is still upon us. When the church starts attacking the church, our time will be completed. God bless you guys, and grow some potatoes. They have the calories to get you through and they come highly recommended by Adam Smith.

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