Republicans win big in election

So last night I had a couple of unusual dreams. The most important one for me to give away to you is this. I was in a huge poker tournament. There were tables and players as far as I could see. When the tournament ended it was made known that the Republicans won. Now let me stop right here in case you don’t see the allegory. This is about the election in November. The Republican Party is going to do very well and win elections all over the country, top to bottom.

Back in the dream all the Republicans walked outside and began to load up things they would be taking to ‘camp’ where they were going to set things up and make preparations. I started looking at what they were loading up to take with them. I saw an old microwave filled with old food. I saw several old and seemingly useless things. Kanye West came and stood next to me and cheered about hating Democrats and he and I observed together. There were these huge stands in the parking lot, they were extremely heavy and tall. They held up something but the stands were so big that it made the thing seem small. People started to take down the stands and do all the work to load them up. I was thinking they might just leave them after they got what was important off of them but they spent great time and energy and many people to make sure these grande stands made it.

So what do we see happening in this dream? Despite all of the circumstances in our country and the strange times in which we live, things aren’t going to change in politics. The Republicans are going to get a big, much needed win. They are going to use it as an opportunity to set up tired old ideas. They will work hard but they will still be stuck in the American political strongholds we all know. They will do a lot of grande standing but it won’t amount to much. The main purpose of them winning is to give us a little more time before things collapse.

Maybe we get the full 4 years and have a long revival as the church is somewhat protected by our politicians. Or maybe the marxist overthrow continues and overruns DC as Republicans grande stand. But this win will at least give us some more time to strengthen ourselves in the Lord. But this dream is pretty clear, God wants us to know that this political win isn’t going to solve America’s problems. They can’t be solved without masses of people turning to Jesus.

Even then, as the end approaches, and the revival roars across the earth, things will shift and many will turn away. Don’t hold on to this world, it is coming to nothing and the nothing is coming quickly. Don’t be choked out by the weeds right at the end. Run your race well.

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