The Jackson Hole Speech

Today Jerome Powell is going to give a speech at Jackson Hole. The information has leaked out early about what he is expected to say. I read about the basic plan and he is expected to announce the next step in the collapse of a currency. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would disagree including Mr. Powell. But I’ve been watching for this since 2009 when I first saw the report online predicting the collapse of the dollar.

I started following several researchers and of course the prophets who spoke about this idea. This became a growing group of people over the years, both researchers and prophets. Based on what I can gather from the body of research, prophecy, the words the Lord has told me directly about it and of course the business degree and half a masters that God told me to get during that period, I was looking for a surprise deflation to start it out.

Covid 19 and the over reaction to it, provided the grand deflation that would become step one. I could feel this problem coming and there was already a disturbance in the banking system months prior. All of the signals were flashing brightly for months and then suddenly someone behind the scenes decided it was time to panic. Making everyone stay home was the perfect cover to the collapse already underway. And in walked stage one, massive deflation that ‘nobody saw coming’ or so it would seem.

In response to the economic crisis that was caused by the response to Covid 19, what all the smartest people in the room said was necessary, well, the response was stage 2. This stage seems like it will continue so pay attention. Stage 2 is where they print money and give it to you. Stimulus checks, or the notorious helicopter drops of cash handed out to everyone with a bank account. The most important thing to remember about stimulus is to pay off debt with it as much as possible! The government doesn’t really want you to do that because debt payoff is deflationary and stimulus is an attempt to force inflation. But trust me, you will not want to come out the other side of this in debt. The rules will change when the new currency comes and debt will quite literally enslave you. Especially pay off unsecured debt, if you have to turn a house or car back into the bank they have the underlying asset and you walk away with bad credit. But you may not be allowed to walk away from debt tied to your person.

Now step 3 is coming into play today. The Fed plans to announce that they will allow inflation to go over the target rate without fighting it. There’s a lot more meaning in that sentence than most people really get. The target rate is the data that the Fed is supposed to act upon. So they are changing the rules of monetary policy, just as so many failed states have done before, to let inflation run high. They are planning to create inflation and let it get high as a kite. This means grow food and lower your bills as much as possible. Things are about to get expensive.

They way this cycle goes forward looks like this. Up next inflation gets ‘too high’ and they Fed takes action to draw back the inflation they have created. But it’s too late, they didn’t act in time and the price of things doubles, then triples. Soon they start printing million dollar bills and people just throw them in the streets because they won’t buy anything. That’s the nightmare scenery that many economies have gone through in the past. But in the US there’s an issue they haven’t had do deal with.

The unusual thing about the US economy in a high or hyper inflation scenario is that we are a consumption based economy. Most economies have to run on equal part consumption and production. But the US has basically outsourced the production side of our economy to the rest of the world, or at least half of it. That will come to a crashing halt and 40% of our economy will vanish forever when we are forced to produce as much as we consume. That could dip much lower in the short term.

So as a private citizen we need to play our cards right or we could starve or be plundered by the masses of stupid and confused people. We need to produce food plus something as individuals. How that all plays out will depend on your personal setup but we better get in a big hurry as we watch this situation play out. Many people have already started this process in part. We have gardens and chickens but not enough to live on. Now is the time to ramp up operations based on how many calories your family and a few other families around you will consume. A solo act isn’t going to work out well when people get hungry. Heck there are people in the streets right now complaining about how rich they are because they think it’s poverty! Imagine when real poverty comes!

I don’t know if this will get the maximum level of bad that it could get, but better safe than sorry. And remember to do a little something for those who don’t understand. They will be in the most need and they will be the most likely to freak out and act stupid when they can’t afford the organic oranges and yogi tea. The high consumption individual and the low production individual are going to get squeezed hard.

I dreamed that the banking system as it currently exists, the Fed system, will fall off of its foundation. But in that same dream the Lord showed me that the original financial foundation of America would return. We will make it through this, its not going to kill everyone. But it’s going to be ugly and get people’s attention. This will lead to the last revival before the return of Jesus. There will be other events that coincide and worsen the struggle. So get in prayer, get close to Jesus, get debt free and pray to be debt free! Then ask the Lord what He wants you to produce. He has a great plan for you during this time! You are on earth right here at the end because He knows you can do this. He will use you to finish His work on the earth if you will set aside those things that have distracted you from Him! I pray you would have an understanding of what to do and be blessed in working with God in this time!

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