Civil War

When I first heard Rick Joyner’s prophecy about the coming civil war, I was already seeing signs of it coming. Still, I didn’t like his approach to it. On a national scale it feels like fighting back against a large group of evil people would easily allow sin against me to produce sin in me. Keeping our nation, keeping our stuff, really isn’t the goal of a Christian. However, God can protect us by using those who will fight for what is ours and theirs if He chooses to do it that way.

Today, that prophecy is racing toward’s fulfillment. There are very high level political officials making very bold statements of defiance. Two former Secretaries of State have said that if Trump wins the election it won’t be legitimate and he should be removed by force. The Speaker of the House is leading people to riot in the streets and claiming that the President is endangering the lives of all women and all non white people. Moreover they are paying people to be out in the streets rioting.

I’ve seen a lot a crazy things but I’ve never seen a group of people so motivated and spread over such a wide area that I thought civil war could break out tomorrow. But right now we are there, anyone who doesn’t see a civil war coming is blind. There seems to be one here now but only one side is fighting. I think the BLM people should know the spiritual and historical cycle they are playing into here. They have become the brown shirts of Hitler. They are being used to force people to comply in the streets.

Hello! McFly! BLM people! What happens to the brown shirts? Hitler kills them to protect people and the people support Hitler for that and he sweeps into power! You seem to think Trump is Hitler but look at history in this great game of Secret Hitler. Hitler was the one PAYING THE BROWN SHIRTS! The ones sending you into the streets are the ones that will take power by cutting your throats!

In case you don’t see it yet that’s the Democrats and it fits not just into their history as a party but into world history as well. These are not just the party of racism in America but they are directly ideologically connected to the Nazi’s. The religion for example, do you know about the occultism of the Nazi’s? They don’t teach that in school, but pick up a few books and you can find it. Do you know about the Fabian Society? Operation Paperclip? The Eugenics movements? The Progressive movement? All of things things and more connect the modern left to back to the time and people leading up to WW2 but you won’t learn about that in school. Why won’t you learn about that in school? Ever heard of Engel vs Vital? Prussian style schooling? Ideological subversion?

There are people that you the BLM trust who are using you in order to kill you and save the country as heroes. The rest us would like you to sit down somewhere and read a few good books on history so you will understand the how and why of your manipulation.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the future. The dollar storm, perfect storm and the great 9.8 earthquake are all on the horizon. The civil war and the crushing of the civil war are also coming up. The astroids are incoming and the treaties are being signed. The nukes are going to be firing out submarines on the coast and parts of the southeast are going to be under water. Babylon has already risen and the end is upon us. It’s time to forget about all of the fighting over selfish nonsense and repent and turn to God! There is not much time left! This whole would could be all wrapped up and judgement day be upon us in less than a decade at the rate we’re going.

By the way, if you read the vision of George Washington you’ll see the in the third great trial of the nation that all countries will be against us. This ties into the dollar storm, it ties into the civil war, and it ties into the end times. What he saw during that final battle was most likely the rapture. Notice how it was in the middle of the greatest trial? When all hope was lost and evil was conquering good? The world is squarely on the road to this time and it isn’t slowing down. We can’t stop what is coming, we can only be refined in our Godliness by it. You overcome by not shrinking from death. Jesus said do not resist an evil person. The church doesn’t teach that. The Apostle Paul said why not just allow yourself to be defrauded rather than sue each other over stuff. The church doesn’t teach that. There will be a form of Godliness that denies it’s true power. This isn’t just the power of the Holy Spirit to heal the sick, this is the power of the Holy Spirit to allow you to walk in the Spirit and not the flesh. The power to turn the other cheek and be defrauded and mistreated without letting it penetrate your soul and cause you to sin. This is the power we need right now. Be prepared to walk away from everything you own and even you very life for God’s Kingdom! That is how we overcome!

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