Prophetic timing for silver

Last night I spent some time dreaming about the Fed’s meeting in Jackson Hole today. The main point of the dream was that silver is about to take off. I know silver has been on a run lately along with gold. But according to an angel several years ago gold is going to top out in the 2300s. I’m going to try and put this all together so that maybe a few believers can know what is happening and possibly get out from under your debts and mortgages from it.

Let’s start with the prophecy of Shane Warren from many years ago. He had a vision and you can find it online easily. This vision started with something unusual, a hurricane formed over land. Now let me just stop right there and make a connection. A literal hurricane formed over land just a few weeks ago up in Iowa and the corn belt. I think this gives us a time stamp from God to help us understand that this prophecy is beginning.

Up next the hurricane became a dollar storm. It was raining dollar bills in this vision that Shane Warren had. At that time there was a second catastrophe, a major earthquake on the New Madrid fault line. Now let me stop here and explain something else. The night Billy Graham died, the night before gathered the watchmen in DC, I had a vision. I had a series of visions that week and this one came that night. It was so terrifying that I jumped out of bed despite injuries that prevent me from doing things like that. I don’t live that far from the New Madrid fault line and I saw it go off. I saw it register a 9.8 and start cracking my state. I saw a crack develop that could have been 100 miles long on the map. It was heading towards where I live but it didn’t get all the way here.

Now let’s back up to Shane Warren. At the time of this great earthquake, it will also be the time of the dollar hurricane. What other event gives away the timing of this? The treaty with Israel. We have facilitated (the same week the hurricane formed over land) a treaty in which Israel could get to a two state solution. UAE is on board and other middle eastern countries are looking at getting involved. Not coincidentally, this was the trigger for these events. Splitting the God’s land will split our land. The treaty process began in January as did Covid concerns. The signing came with a hurricane over land and 2 more developed over the water and headed right for us. The president’s brother also died as soon as the treaty was signed. And of course, California caught on fire and more. These events should tell us something is happening.

Now another event was in the Shane Warren vision. The division of the people in America and the protests in the streets. These protests surrounded entitlements. Now we know that the connection between the left and entitlements is strong, but what happens when there is a dollar storm? When the US can’t financially afford to pay it’s entitlement spending, these riots will increase. We see all of these things coming together into one big storm in the US.

The final event of this storm was foreign nations going off of the petro dollar. They would switch to gold. This is why gold is going to get pegged by the time it gets up to about 2369 like I saw from the angel all those years ago. Most people will tell you that gold will go through the roof when this happens and normally that would be right. But a global gold standard, which the world’s banking system laid the ground work for recently, would stop movement in the price of gold.

Now we get the part where Shane prophesies that silver will outperform gold in this crisis in the US. That’s what I was dreaming about last night. Jerome Powell is giving a speech at Jackson Hole today and the Lord was showing me that this would start really get silver going. That probably means Powell is going to play right into the this prophecy and put the US in the position that God’s words will be fulfilled. So pray about if God is pushing you to lean into his prophetic understanding and invest in a way that can bring increase to His Kingdom during a time of trouble. I believe that He is doing exactly that because He loves you and will protect you and make you thrive if you listen to Him. Give this some prayer for your own situation and walk and God bless all y’all.

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