Waking up

I was driving through Portland today and the strangest thing happened. I found myself in a group of protestors. We were all on the same side so I assumed they would let me head on through. I talked to them out the window about how I was taking my transgender friend out of harms way. 

When they told me I couldn’t go I was pretty surprised, I inched forward to talk to the person in charge, who had already walked away. My car was surrounded by my people. The people who love justice and want to see Trump removed from office. We were all on the same side, I was one of the protestors. I just wanted to get in to a safer spot with my transgender friend. I didn’t the right wingers to assault my friend.

       As I inched forward they began to accuse me of trying to run them over. I tried to explain, and I know how many people have been hit by cars since the struggle began. They told me to sit down on the ground so they could decide how to respond. I understood and I was one of them, so I sat on the street and waited to talk to someone. 

I only remember waking up, I didn’t even see the guy run in from behind and kick me in the head. I didn’t even have a half second to brace myself for the impact. I just woke up being dragged away in my own blood. I watched it later online, apparently it had gone viral. The right wingers were making a point of telling the world how our movement was violent. I know the guys get a little worked up but it was all basically peaceful. They were just defending themselves. The right wingers shouldn’t be using my image to fight against my cause. I was offended, I was always offended back then.

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