No more delay

Before I get into it I just want to say that I started my morning in Ezekiel 12 and it hit hard. The Lord tells Ezekiel no more delays. He talks about how everyone has a saying that basically all of the visions and prophetic words that they’ve been hearing are not for their time. Everyone came to a place of believing that trouble would come in the distant future. But God tells Ezekiel to go out and tell them they are wrong, the time is now. It’s already happening and the people don’t yet perceive it. I feel like our time is like that time. The last revival is already here, judgement is already here and they are coming together and they are happening now. Abundance is here and famine is here and you better get into the place of the Lord’s abundance. I feel like there is no more delay, maybe in the end times and certainly in the turmoil that will shake the earth into seeking God. No more delay in revival.

The Lord told me years ago about the time we are living in now. How to prosper and how to help people financially. How the Underground Railroad of believers will arise and God will give us investment advice to help transfer wealth from the powerful to the poor. Well last night He showed me two wonderful dreams about this time. In one He showed me my son was being recruited to work in this railroad straight out of high school. God is calling my oldest son right now and I am so thankful! My son will work for the Lord and not be lost in the last days! Your sons and your daughters are being called now! With no delay your prayers for you children are being answered! God is calling all of the children now! He will turn their hearts back to the fathers! The righteous forefathers who walked in faith realms before us will inspire our children!

I also dreamed that I was playing basketball, my favorite sport as long as I can remember, and I was not doing well. I got knocked down and I struggled in the game. I was not as tall or strong as the other players. I was trying but I was just mediocre. The story of my life if it were ever to be summed up is working and trying but living mediocre. Let me back out of this dream for a quick story. I went to a conference once with a big name, internationally known prophet. He called me up to the front personally and this was the word I got. ‘You’re trying to do it and you don’t see that you are already doing it. Can’t you see what you’re doing? What do you even think you’re here for? You’re already doing what you’re supposed to be doing.’ He seemed confused and maybe a little angry at me for not seeing anything I do as meaningful. But that has always been my life. I try hard but I have very little talent. That is what this dream was showing. But then in the middle of the game I learned to jump higher. Soon I became very strong and jumped above everyone else and the game changed. Suddenly out of nowhere I could dunk on everyone and I got every rebound.

Now let me tell you something. The Lord is looking at those of us who have been working hard with our small talents. He sees those of us who love Him and who will follow Him to the ends of the earth. He is about to strengthen us. Pray that He will make you strong, even Jesus prayed for strength! Ask Him to make you strong for the weak will say I am strong. The time is upon us, no more delay! You who have worked for Him when no one else got what you were doing, you are about to be strengthened! He is going to suddenly raise you up above those with natural talents, who half heartedly use their abilities and He is going to put you in leadership who have His heart and work without encouragement!

Lord Jesus strengthen me! Strengthen us! Lord fill us with your Spirit and give us your strength, and might and power that we may honor you! Lord give us your wisdom and understanding that we may reveal you! Lord pour out your grace and love and healing power upon us that we may show the world who you are! May you be suddenly lifted up! May you who have worked so hard and seen so few results, reap it all together! May the harvest show you faithful and may the Lord’s faithfulness shine on you! May we love God and love us, may we sing about the wonders of God and He sing of His pleasure for us, for you! May God suddenly raise up His people in the face of trouble and may God bless all y’all!

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