Israel peace deal

Give peace a chance. I mean the United Nations says a 2 state solution with Israel is the road to peace, while BLM and Hammas march in the streets chanting ‘from the river to the sea’. So isn’t it great that Trump worked a deal better than what the enemies of Israel are looking for which would force them out of existence? Slow down. Maybe the strong opposition has moved the needle to a point where we don’t remember the words of God and a move in the direction of ‘peace’ appears to be a good thing by comparison to what is in the minds of wicked men.

I find it interesting that the left openly speaks of the destruction of Israel and the right accuses Israel of all sorts of evil. Many who would never agree on any other issue, speak of the evils of Israel. Meanwhile, out in space, an asteroid named for that ancient serpent sales towards our planet. Remember the Bible, when the serpent is cast down there is little time left and that old devil will target Israel and Christians. It almost seems like the minds of the lost are deceived and open to following him as the last days arrive.

Many believers are worried that this peace deal is ‘the peace deal’. The one that all prophecy watchers look for. The one the prophet Daniel spoke of thousands of years ago. Many believers see this as a step towards peace in the Middle East and step in the right direction. And of course, the left is still screaming for the Jews to be pushed into the sea, while calling everyone else Hitler. When I look at this deal I don’t see any of these things.

As we live in the perfect storm that was spoken of for so many years by so many of God’s messengers, most of whom have gone on to be with the Lord now, I see this as a misstep that brings judgement in a time of judgement. In January, they began working on a two state solution. The thing that I remember about a two state solution is that it has a tendency to cause great storms. Hurricane Katrina for example came out of a land for peace agreement. One storm that comes to mind in particular was the storm that sparked the movie The Perfect Storm. That movie has brought the phrase perfect storm into it’s common use in our language today.

One of the signs John Paul Jackson spoke about when he prophesied about the perfect storm time period, was the regular use of that phrase in the media. We see that playing out today. Almost every day I read a story about another perfect storm of circumstances colliding. That movie, that phrase, and that actual storm were originally caused in the natural world because of a mistake made in the physical world. The U.S. broke God’s rules as we foolishly tried to broker a peace deal. The United Nations is a demonic organization to its core and in its roots. There is nothing good in it, so why do we believe that the peace they prescribe will bring peace? All of their documentations scream out of the prophecy of the Bible, they will say peace, peace but there is no peace.

And yet here we are, negotiating the demonic split of the land of Israel in exchange for a false peace. It’s what the ‘smart’ people believe will work. In January, we began the negotiations for this peace treaty and in January Covid 19 began spreading across the earth. That deal was not a success, or was it? Yesterday it appears that it was a great success. Israel is normalizing relations with the UAE. They simply have to agree over the details of the January agreement. How many more such agreements will come?

This ‘peace’ has the potential to lead to the building of the 3rd temple as the Palestinians claim that the deal would force them to abandon the mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It would create a Palestinian state in East Jerusalem and share the Temple Mount. This cannot bring peace, but it must come. Even though it is a mark of the last days, it must come. The destruction this will bring if we persist will be the worst the world has ever seen.

But that is not something to fear. True peace on earth only comes after this destruction. We are truly living in the last days, our eyes will see the mountains cast into the sea, our eyes will see the star called wormwood, our eyes will see the abomination of desolation and the great tribulation which the antichrist will bring against God’s people and overcome them. Our mouths will speak the words of our testimony, our savior has already shed His blood on our behalf and we are the generation who will not love our lives so much as to shrink from death!

We will tell of the greatness of Jesus and as He said, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” Matthew 24: 14 Our mouths will fulfill the great commission. We will walk through the crucible of tribulation and be purified by the fire. Our redemption draws near.

Lord Jesus may you put your testimony in the mouths of your people! You told of this great revival, this great preaching of the gospel one last time! You told us that we will finish the work in the time of the end! You said after the tribulation you will come! You said look up as these things happen and wait just a little while in patient endurance! Lord give us all a testimony in heaven of the great deeds we accomplished for your kingdom in the time of the end! Lord let us walk away from all that we love of the world and seek your kingdom until we have reached the goal! May we run our race well! May we finish the course! May His hand guide you and I each moment from now until the last day and may God bless all y’all.

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