Revival blogging

I had an idea and I’m not in a position to do it right now. But several traveling revivals have taken off in the last month or two. All of which I would be interesting in attending and even traveling with. So pray for me because I would love to live out the last days traveling around with the revival camps and telling the tale. Helping people find them and come to see what God is doing. I remember when I worked for group of shady individuals years ago, they ran their business this way. They lived in camp sights and set up new territories in town after town. This is how outlaws live and we are all on the verge of being outlaws. Bands of Christians roaming the countryside, spreading the gospel and escaping persecution will be a dream come true as the end times continue to develop around us.

As the last revival takes off and ministry after ministry begins to bring the gospel to out in the middle of the pandemic, we will begin to see it in the news. After the election the violence will increase in the cities and the people will come to find God and they will find Him. All across the globe the riots will push anyone with love in their heart out to find God. It has already begun and it will increase for at least a year. Praise God! He is calling the masses one last time! Not many years from now we will miss this time, so enjoy it and fill your lamps! Do not be foolish in this time! Get away from every evil thing and get so close to God that when Jesus finally comes at midnight, at a time many didn’t expect, on the last day, then you will be ready!

I had a dream last night where I was watching this young man in a store. He had heard on the radio that the store was running a special. If you came into the store and worked, they would give you free merchandise. One of the store clerks was very angry at the idea, but the other knew it was right and she gave him work to do. He worked in exchange for free merchandise twice and he and the clerk laughed and enjoyed that time. At this point I picked up a tablet and began working for them online. I walked into he bathroom and my tablet became a silver platter. On the platter were 2 empty shell casings, .45 ACP. When I got into he bathroom I saw a small window up high and a great storm was stirring outside. I began to think about what I wanted to be doing when the Lord returns.

I believe the two chances to work and the two .45 ACP shells were the two terms of Trump. During this time, those who work with God, no matter who they are, will be rewarded. The storm is already upon us and it will get worse during this time. But those of us who are working for the Kingdom of God will be safe in the storm. The end is just around the corner and He is calling us to work. We can work in person, online or any number of ways as long as we are working for His Kingdom. Many in the church will hate the revival. They will not accept the workers who are called in from everywhere. They will do things differently and the order of things will be shaken up. But God will be pleased and God’s people will be pleased. Those in the church who hate the revival will be revealing their hatred for the God and His Spirit working in men. Work anyway, do not listen to those who oppose you working in God’s house.

We are so close to the end guys. I wish I were debt free and location free and I pray that I will be able to move with things in time. I know God is bringing me into position for my role. I pray that He would bring you into position for your role as well! A traveling revival and many traveling revivals will need a solid global supply chain. We need to be feeding and fueling ministry after ministry as they come nearby. We don’t all need to travel. Many of us need to support and minister to the ministers and train those in our areas to be disciples. There are many kinds of work that God is advertising out there and He needs your hands and your feet!

Lord Jesus raise up your people to bless the earth! Teach us to each to multiply our talents! Teach us to be wise workers in these last days! Give us hearts that understand your plan, minds set on your will and hands and feet that want to work and give! Help us pray for each other and every denomination, every church, every ministry that comes near us! Lord let us pray for them to be blessed with your Spirit and all of the goodness of Heaven! Lord let us pray for the protection of the those who travel and those who supply and those who disciple! May we teach them your freedom and not enslave them with the worst of our doctrines and attitudes that they may not fall away in the great falling away! Lord teach us to train them well! May you be blessed with the Holy Spirit! May you work with God in the place He is calling you to and may God bless all y’all.

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