The VP story

Waking up this morning and checking the propaganda will lead you to the news about Vice President Kamala Harris. According to the main stream Kamala might be difficult for Trump to go after. Which means nothing, but leads others to believe something. I think these headlines are more elusive than Kamala. The story is framed up nicely to lead the reader in a certain direction.

They start out with the headline telling the big maybe, ‘what if she’s hard to politically attack’ they ask. Then they move on to names that Trump has called her. He called her ‘nasty’ once, ooohhh. And that won’t play well with women, will it ladies? Yes the media believes adult women are all in the 2nd grade. They come up next to you and say he’s a meanie, he said you were….a poop head. Then they nod with you to get your approval and by writing the story this way it flips the votes of the stupidest among women. They don’t want you informed, they want you to be easily led and mindless, never knowing what actually happened to make you lose your country.

It does get better, now we see the hard numbers about Harris. Not anything she ever accomplished of course, but how she’s more popular with Trump supporters than Biden is… Could it be that Trump supporters give people they know little about the benefit of the doubt? She pulls 21% favorable opinions among Republicans, much higher than Biden. Great. Thanks media, what an important fact. (insert massive eye roll here)

We then move on to her gender and race as they jump all over their own rules assuming because she has female body parts she’s somehow a woman. A position these people are literally trying to make illegal but they get to break their rules, just you and I don’t. So as they potentially misgender both Harris and Clinton claiming they belong to one and the same gender, they do the same to every Trump supporting woman. Yup they start playing the woman card without a single interview to find out which of the two hundred and seventy three thousand genders any of these women identify as. Why hasn’t the left and the LGBT smacked more sense into the mainstream media than this? Where is the gay mafia when it comes to Kamala? Does she not have rights?

It is only after all of this, after losing almost every reader, that they begin to mention some of her policies. Pro Green New Deal, hated on Brett Kavanaugh with false accusations of sexual crimes in an attempt to ruin the life of a decent man and all the left wing bonafides. All wrapped up in a nice bow with the interview of a left wing organization who was quoted as saying, she’ll have to pander to progressives more if she wants us to support her. Or something like that.

I notice they didn’t take a look at Season of the Witch. Season of the Witch is a great book about San Francisco in the 60s and 70s. It was written by Salon magazine’s David Talbot, one of the biggest leftists of all. This guy is so far left when he writes history about Senator Byrd he skips his party affiliation no matter what branch of the KKK he belonged to or which Speaker Pelosi spoke of their friendship at his funeral. But that’s was another book.

David Talbot gives an amazing history of Kamala Harris’ rise in politics in Season of the Witch. And before you ask, no she isn’t the witch. Her rise in San Fransisco politics is an amazing story of running around with cocaine Willy and the Jim Jones cult who was heavily involved in Democrat politics in that place and time. I feel like David skips the spiritual component and glosses over the CIA involvement in that particular cult, though he does mention it. He’s a very outspoken opponent of the CIA when it make Republicans look bad. Of course, when builds the power center of the modern left, that’s not as bad in his view.

I would love to hear the media report more of the deep history of Kamala. She was both in the drug culture and putting the drug culture in jail. Almost seems crooked but maybe there are some details that were left out. The good news is that Brian Shelter told me there is no left wing media who spend all their time trying to tear down Trump. So I guess we will hear a fair representation of both sides of this subject with only the spoon fed propaganda that our nation has grown to hate. May I suggest going to Talbot’s book as well as his resources in the back if you want to learn more about the new VP candidate. There’s no reason to be uninformed just because millions of dollars are dumped into dumbing you down at election time.

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