Jeremiah tells it

I am going through Jeremiah in my Bible study this morning and WOW! I think I just found the key to the 70 weeks of Daniel. But let me tell you what else I found in here. I found Jesus! Jeremiah prophesied about Jesus in great detail even though he wasn’t trying. God is just that good.

Ok first let’s look at chapter 24 with the good figs and the bad figs. Jeremiah sees a vision of two baskets of figs and the Lord shows him what it means. The good figs are the people of Judah who go into exile in Babylon and the bad figs are those who fight for Jerusalem when God is sending them into captivity. Let’s look at this again through history. We see that literal event take place in Israel. And then we see Jesus come to Israel later on after the return and at the end of the 70 weeks of Daniel and their literal fulfillment. Jeremiah has a message to Daniel in his prophesies letting Daniel know that the exile will only last for 70 years.

As we keep reading we find Jeremiah telling the story of Peter and John only it is happening in Jeremiah’s time. Jeremiah is dragged before the council, we can read this story in the book of Acts. They are dragged before the council and a man stands up, a wise member. He points out men of the past and what happened with them. When God was in it, the words of His people were unstoppable and when they were working on their own, it always came to nothing. There are many prophesies of Jesus in the Old Testament but I don’t think I’ve found the book of Acts foretold by the prophets before today. It had to be, but I haven’t seen it yet and there it is!

Now I’ve run headlong into something amazing yesterday and I want to share but that little section of Jeremiah just blew me away this morning. I know you can find more in there that teaches of Jesus and the church and the end times and all of the gospel. But I ran into 2 answers to old questions all at once yesterday. One of them was when God gave me a vision and told me ‘there are 70 nations’. I’ve tried to learn about that for several years but I haven’t found it in detail. Yesterday I heard Tom Horn mention the 70 spiritual rulers of the earth and it fell into place with what I had learned, these ruling spirits are the nations. I reached out to them for a resource on that so I can study it out further but that was the basic conclusion that I had come to and I was amazed to hear someone else who had figured it out!

In that same video I heard another very important statement. The Babylon Working that happened in 1946. Now I wrote a whole book on the things that happened in 1947 because God told me to study it out. Well I think that this was all birthed out of this event in 1947 when they a group of high level occultists called in the spirit of Babylon. The changes that started happening in the earth are incredible when you see as one interconnected spiritual event. But there was really no other way to see it! Understanding this stuff and how Babylon has attacked the earth helps us understand both our times and the end times. There’s not much of importance that happens in the world today that isn’t directly connected and often in multiple ways, to this event in history. Being a spiritual event not that many people noticed it but God wants His people to understand what’s happening so that we are not fooled.

I think that I’ll jump back into some news tomorrow and show how today’s events connect back to all of that. Not a day goes by when that major event doesn’t impact today’s world and make headlines. Perhaps if I find more about the 70 nations I can talk about literally every high level spiritual move in the earth. That might make for an interesting blog! Maybe that 2020 vision is hitting me after all:)

I pray the Lord would bless you with vision for the times! I pray that He will reveal Himself to you and that you will follow Him with all that you are! May you be great in the Kingdom and grow to the highest heights of servanthood! May you love the way Jesus loved and be righteous the way He is righteous! May we all put on His righteous deeds like a garment and may God bless all y’all.

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