Trump bans TikTok

The world appears to be talking about Trump banning TikTok today. It’s the number one story on almost every news sight and I can only imagine what the cable news is saying about it. I’ve read some of these stories and they are say the same thing. Trump is abusing the rule of law or something negative about Trump and the rule of law. Why would that be the only takeaway that any news sight can come up with?

There are clear reasons for this. Big tech is opening spying on everyone. America’s big tech firms are all being dragged in front of congress to answer for spying and manipulating public opinion as well as suppressing free speech. But TikTok can’t be dragged in front of congress to answer for wrong behavior because they are a Chinese company. Not one of the stories I read on this goes into any detail about Trump’s complaint with TikTok or WeChat even though there are legitimate concerns. Not to mention that Trump has the latest intelligence from the US ‘intelligence’ community. I don’t give them a great deal of credit but I bet Trump knows a little something that I don’t.

So why would the only takeaway from all of this be ‘Trump negative something something rule of law’? Before there was social media and big tech to manipulate the thoughts of Americans, there was news media. I wonder why the news media chose not to mention the executive orders of governors across the US forcing people to wear masks, change business practices, shut down and stay home? But this executive order is just lawless in their reporting. Why are they standing up for TikTok and not standing up for property rights in the latest autonomous zone?

If you don’t see what’s happening yet let me point at it. Trump has been positioning himself as the ‘rule of law’ candidate in the next election. He has been pointing out Democrat lawlessness in city after city and situation after situation. How can the news media come to the aid of the campaign they are siding with? They start to actively counter a winning point. The propaganda isn’t the story. Trump did drop an executive order to ban TikTok. We should all learn the facts of that situation and decide how what is right and wrong if we care about it.

The propaganda isn’t the story. The propaganda is the way the story is told. Little or no mention of legitimate reasons for Trump to ban TikTok are presented. Those would give people reason to think maybe Trump should do this and possibly lead to Trump votes. No need to mention spying or terrorism or what points he could potentially have. Information isn’t the goal of these stories. The goal is to counter the ‘rule of law’ president narrative that Trump is telling. The propaganda is in designing the story to counter a specific idea. By doing this you can lead sheep to the slaughter. You can lead people to believe in their imagination that Trump is the lawless one and it is dangerous to vote for him.

When the news takes action against the imagination of a nation they are performing witch craft. Those who believe the lie will be more in the dark while thinking they are informed. The truth is the people who are being controlled in this process are trying to learn. It is very sad what is happening to them. They seek understanding and find a darkness that is posing as light. If you have been reading about this, start looking for it. It becomes very easy to see when you have trained yourself to pick up on it. But that training takes a little time and more importantly prayer.

I pray they you would have understanding! May you see the will of God in the earth and awaken from the bewitching of this world! May you receive the Spirit of Truth and may He guide you into Truth! May He teach you of the things that are going to happen in the future! I pray the Lord Jesus would reveal Himself to you! I pray the God would prove Himself to your heart! May you walk in the world of faith and see visions and dreams of the conditions of the heart! May you know the nature of the world’s events and navigate these difficult times as one blessed with understanding! May you who know your God be strong and do exploits and may God bless all y’all.

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