Prophetic dyslexia

I had one pretty rough dream last night and I was asking God why I had a dream like this. What’s the purpose of it? I’m powerless to help my family when they need help and it just doesn’t feel good. I prefer these dreams where I’m a superhero you see. I didn’t really get an answer on that but as I was asking my imagination went in a different direction. I saw two bottles of oil, one was filling the other until it was so full that it spilled out of the top.

Come to think of it, maybe that was my answer. I don’t hear God talk in words that often. It took me a long time to realize that in the Bible He talks in multiple ways and one of those is dreams and seeing pictures in your mind. That really connected with me because that just happens in my head no matter who is speaking to me. If I’m being attacked by a demon, picture in my head flashes up. If I’m hearing from God, picture in my head. If I’m listening to someone talk, hearing music, reading or anything else that engages me it becomes a picture in my mind. I can’t think in words, even when I’m writing, I write from a place of vision and turn it into words.

I didn’t know until I was older that I was dyslexic and I sure didn’t realize that dyslexia was why I see everything. When I read about it the whole thing just fit, from the pictures and movies in my head to the reading troubles I always had to the confusion with words that happens to me and on down the list. These pictures are very creative, they don’t have to exist and they can move and tell a story or predict an ending or manipulate an object. Being dyslexic turns out to be very cool. But it makes you feel stupid in school.

I realized after reading about it that a lot of what comes with a dyslexic mind is prophetic. That made me wonder what other ‘disorders’ were potentially prophetic. Are we ostracizing and medicating away all of the world’s spiritual gifts? Is that happening completely on purpose? Is this why so many people just don’t fit in our modern world? I have a lot of questions about this subject and no real answers. But the way you are made is for a purpose. It reminds me of that umbrella academy show. The one with the real gifts, the one that couldn’t be controlled, had to be made to believe that she was the least special of all. I think that is systematically happening to people who God created to be apostles and prophets and evangelists and just amazingly gifted people! So if you think there’s nothing special about you, if you fail at everything, if you are nothing but trouble, I think God is going wake up your purpose! And when He does I think you will be powerful beyond measure to cast down darkness in the spiritual realm.

Have you ever touched the faith realm? Have you ever realized there is no spoon like the matrix and watched something that can’t happen, happen? You want that. So bring you disorders, disabilities and disfunction to the Lord Jesus! He makes all things new. He doesn’t have to change you, He made you for this! All He has to do is show you what it is that He made you to do and when you do it you will come alive! It’s the thrill of a lifetime every time you walk in His purpose. You can live that every day, in perfect beautiful success!

I had more dreams but I think I just want to share this one other thing that came to mind as I was praying in the middle of the night last night. I began to thank God that kids today don’t know racism. You see I was watching a guy preach online. He was a black guy and I’m white but when my daughter and her friend walked up behind me they said, ‘hey he looks a lot like you’. They saw our beards, our short dark hair, our facial features and they were right, me and this guy look similar. But they didn’t think that our different skin color was even a factor in whether or not we look alike. They don’t even know what racism is, what it feels like, they are oblivious to it. So I was thanking God for that.

As I thanked God for the demise of any true racism in this younger generation He helped me understand what is happening out in the world. The god that uses racism to divide and control this nation has lost its grip on America. There is a territorial spirit of racism that is lashing out right now because its power source, racism itself, is dying out. All of these protests and the fight over racial issues right now are the enemy’s plan to create new racism in America. If they can create new racism in another generation, the principality can keep power in a large area. But this is failing. The enemy has lost his grip on America. The stronghold of racism is lashing out because it is about to be replaced by an angel of unity! This comes when most people truly want to parter with God’s ways and reject the plans of the enemy.

The same thing is happening with the plandemic. The people of the US have turned to God for healing in such large numbers that the spirit of pharmakia is losing its grip. An ruling spirit is about to be replaced in this nation with an angel of divine health. These are the kinds of large scale spiritual battles that spill out onto the news every day and we are seeing many evil spirits uprooted and lashing out for power. The same thing happens in our personal lives when we choose the ways of God and give our lives over to Him. In the US so many people have now turned to God’s ways in a few areas that we are breaking strongholds that have held this nation for generations. We may be walking into darkness in a lot of areas, but we are walking out of it in true repentance in a lot of areas too! The gods of the nation are being judged by God! We need to keep praying for the hidden things to be revealed and brought into the light. The more truth is out in the open, the more strongholds are broken off of the nation!

I pray that you would know God’s ways! I pray that you would see what He made you for and live in it every minute of every day! I pray the Lord would bring the hidden things into the light! Expose the works of evil and reveal the ways of God! May you live an explosive life, full of passion for the purpose you were created for! May you walk in the light as He is in the light! May the gods of America be judged and replaced with the authority of righteousness! May the Lord grant you a special vision for you life and His kingdom! May He grant you a work to accomplish, a commission to carry out, a throne of the enemy to overthrow in the imagination of the masses! And may God bless all y’all:)

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